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Q 151. 'On request, can you provide certificates of performance for your principal contracts from the relevant customers?' With reference to provision of 'certificates of performance' please advise if a formal letter from a customer would be acceptable?
CCS can confirm Q.151 is not applicable as detailed in the READ First DPS Needs document with forms part of the bid pack.
Nov-08-2019 11:46
Our client scores below the D&B threshold for the financial assessment. As the company is less than 2 years old, I believe providing audited accounts isn't an option? If that's the case, they would like to use a guarantor to aid us with this part of the application. Will CCS accept our investor company for this?
CCS can confirm that a corporate guarantor may only be a question once the bidder has gone through selection stage to determine if they meet the assigned financial threshold. In this instance, can you please provide a copy of your non audited accounts, to enable CCS to undertake a financial assessment of your organisation.
Nov-08-2019 11:38
Eligible Fibre build costs; The Buyer Needs doc page 7, para 1.4 and the DPS Schedule 3: DPS prices and charging structure para 1.7 states that suppliers need to comply with the GBVS terms and conditions in order to receive DCMS funding via the GBVS portal. Can CCS / DCMS clarify what components of fibre infrastructure build can be included in suppliers pricing under the DPS and in particular confirm that all fibre build infrastructure necessary to provide service, including the Supplier's Point of Presence / Exchange equipment, can be included in the DPS pricing for service Types 1 & 2?
CCS will provide an updated response to this question in due course. Please disregard the previous response provided.
Nov-07-2019 10:03
Does GCHQ Certified Cyber Security Board training,override for Cyber essential basis certificate,would satisfy this requirement ?
CCS can confirm the specified Cyber training is not acceptable in place of valid Cyber Essentials certification.
Nov-05-2019 10:50
We are an SME with limited contracts completed as a business,can we use our experience of delivering previous contracts whilst employed by another organisation as a case study?
CCS can confirm that contract examples are not required to support this DPS, please refer to the READ First DPS Needs document (point 40.) which details are NOT APPLICABLE questions for the RM6095 DPS.
Nov-05-2019 08:16
GBVS Pre Registered Package (Buyer Needs doc para 1.4) Can CCS /DCMS clarify whether suppliers need to submit a Pre Registered Package (PRP) into the GBVS portal for their proposed solution(s) for the DPS Service Types they are registering for and whether approval of such a package is a pre-requisite for securing successful DPS registration?
The DPS registration is not in anyway linked to the DCMS voucher portal registration process. In many cases, suppliers may well sell services through the DPS that do not require any DCMS funding. If a Buyer indicates that some of the funding is being provided by DCMS then the additional requirements associated with this funding apply, including ensuring that the supplier is registered on the GBVS portal and that the solution is set up as a Pre-registered package (PRP) within this system.
Oct-31-2019 08:37
Please can you advise if PSN and HSCN accreditation are mandatory requirements.
CCS can confirm that PSN and HSCN are not mandatory.
Oct-28-2019 12:15
EEDs; We note that DPS Schedule 3 (DPS Pricing) enables the Supplier to charge for additional costs resulting from an Exceptional Engineering Difficulty ("EED"). Can CCS confirm that an EED would also entitle the Supplier to additional time to complete and relief from delay payments under Order Schedule 13 (Implementation Plan and Testing) as a Variation in line with Special Term 13 of the DPS Appointment Form?
Please refer to Special Term 14 which clearly indicates that under such circumstances the Supplier may propose a revision to contracted timescales albeit with an obligation to mitigate the impact of the EED.
Oct-25-2019 10:43
Pricing; With reference to DPS Schedule 3 para 1.5 can CCS clarify that the Supplier need only provide a Subject to Survey price and unit price information at the time of bid and it is up to the Buyer to determine how the outcomes of the Survey may impact on the total Order Contract Charges?
It is correct that when the price tendered for an Order Procedure is "Subject to Survey" the Supplier must as part of their bid for the Order Procedure include a comprehensive set of unit prices for inputs such that the Buyer will be able to clearly identify how any post-survey price change proposed by the supplier has been derived.
Oct-25-2019 10:43
The Contract End Date for Type 2 Can CCS confirm that the End Date of an Order Contract for Services Type 2; Infrastructure Build Services as defined in DPS Schedule 1 (Specification) is the date when the Buyer has paid the final Supplier Invoice as set out in DPS Order Schedule 13 (Implementation Plan and Testing).
The definition of End Date in Joint Schedule 1 is: "the earlier of: a) the Expiry Date (as extended by any Extension Period exercised by the Authority under Clause 10.2); or b) if a Contract is terminated before the date specified in (a) above, the date of termination of the Contract; so setting aside the matter of early termination the End Date will be the Order Contract Expiry Date specified in the Order Form for the relevant Order Contract
Oct-25-2019 08:24
Type 2 Service Levels and Credits Can CCS confirm that the DPS and Call off Contracts only stipulate that Service Levels and Service Credits apply to Service Type 1 and don't apply to Service Type 2 or 3?
Service Type 1 is the only Service Type for which we've suggested an example Service Level and Service Credit Regime in Order Schedule 14 but this does not preclude Buyers from specifying their own required Service Level/Service Credit regime for Service Types 2 and 3 as part of their Order Procedure.
Oct-25-2019 08:24
Please could you confirm that a Buyer is able to alter any of the terms within the Schedules highlighted in yellow in the DPS Schedule 6 Order Form Template and Order Schedules. If a Schedule is not highlighted in yellow, for example, 'Schedule 10 (Rectification Plan)' please could you confirm that this Schedule cannot be altered in any way by the Buyer?
Yellow highlighting of Schedules indicates that they are optional - a Buyer may choose whether or not to incorporate them into their Order Contract. Schedules that are not highlighted are mandatory and must be included in an order Contract. In both cases Buyers are able to amend the content of a Schedule via a Special Term documented in the Order Form and communicated as part of the Order Procedure Process provided that any such Special Term can be reconciled with applicable public procurement law parameters.
Oct-14-2019 11:59
In questions 46, 47 & 48 of the GCC DPS questionnaire, suppliers are asked to "please confirm details of the geographical location you are able to provision 'Broadband Connectivity Services'". Using the drop down menu options, can CCS advise if national providers should select United Kingdom coverage, and only suppliers with more specific geographical coverage need state a postcode and the relevant distance they can provide service within.
CCS can confirm that national providers should input their organisation post code and select United Kingdom. Suppliers with specific geographical coverage should state their postcode and the relevant distance (radius).
Oct-09-2019 16:46
Embedded in Annex 1 of DPS Schedule 1 is the Gigabit Capable Connectivity Products and Services Matrix. We are unable to open this file. Can CCS confirm this is the same as 'Attachment 1 - GCC Services Matrix v1.0', or provide this document separately.
CCS can confirm that the GCC Products and Services Matrix embedded in DPS Schedule 1, is the same as Attachment 1 - GCC Services Matrix v1.0 contained in the bid pack.
Oct-09-2019 16:42
Do Suppliers need to apply for all 3 lots (Broadband Connectivity Services, Infrastructure Build Services, Managed Infrastructure Services), or can they apply to be considered for one or two. Further, do we need to apply to all Lots simultaneously or can we apply for 1 or 2 now and others at a later time.
CCS can confirm that suppliers can apply for one or more of the 3 service requirements. Additionally, suppliers can update their service offering at any time during the life time of the DPS, to either add or remove services.
Oct-09-2019 16:41
Q137. "If you cannot provide at least one example customer contract, in no more than 500 words please provide an explanation for this e.g. your organisation is a new start-up or you have provided services in the past but not under a contract." Please can CCS confirm that we are not required to respond to Q137 as it relates to Q133 - 135 which we are instructed not to respond to.
CCS can confirm that Q.137 is not applicable.
Oct-09-2019 16:39
We note that Suppliers are asked to confirm acceptance of the Terms and Conditions unreservedly and without amendment. Having examined the Terms and Conditions in Attachment 7 associated with the RM6095 framework, some of the requirements seem incompatible with the supply of major passive infrastructure projects it is designed to address. Is there scope within the RM6095 framework mechanism to amend the Terms and Conditions with individual buyers where dark fibre is the requirement? Alternatively, would CCS consider altering the terms in Attachment 7 based on feedback you receive from prospective Suppliers? We applaud the introduction of the Framework but there are different implications for Buyers and Suppliers under an order for 10 active circuits compared to a procurement for 500 dark fibre circuits. As a practical example, clause 10.3.12 states that 'Each Buyer has the right to terminate their Order Contract at any time without reason or liability by giving the Supplier not less than 90 days' written notice'. This might be an acceptable risk for a small value contract but where there has significant capital deployed for an extensive dark fibre rollout a Supplier might incur millions of pounds of costs only for a Buyer to terminate on 90 days' notice without needing to pay the Supplier for the remainder of the contract.
CCS will not enter into a process of commercial negotiation/dialogue with prospective suppliers seeking changes to the published DPS Agreement terms. While we will of course correct any obvious errors Suppliers are otherwise expected to accept the published terms as a precondition of entering into a DPS Agreement. With regard to the specific example raised, you should refer to Special Term 6 at Section 9 of the DPS Appointment Form. This amends Clause 10.3.2 of the Core Terms such that i) the minimum period of notice for no-fault termination can be set on a contract by contract basis, and ii) that Buyers will be liable for the Supplier's unavoidable losses arising.
Oct-04-2019 14:28
Thanks for the invitation to the webinar on Friday 11 October. Please could you provide some details about the format for this and what will be covered?
This webinar will provide a brief overview of information available in the Bid Pack available on the DPS platform. There will be no information shared in this webinar that is not already available for suppliers to view. Topics to be covered are: -Access of the DPS platform -Selection criteria -Grounds for exclusion -DCMS funding
Oct-04-2019 13:13
Is Attachment 6 - Selection Questionnaire PDF available in an Excel format?
CCS can confirm that Attachment 6 is for information only and not available in Excel. Attachment 6 is the list of questions that bidders will be expected to answer as part of their online RM6095 DPS submission.
Oct-04-2019 12:28
Will there be any supplier webinars around the application process?
We are holding a supplier webinar on Friday 11th October at 1.30pm. Please register at the link below https://crowncommercial.webex.com/crowncommercial/j.php?RGID=r41e2093da421d43deddc7a5a897dad8f
Oct-03-2019 14:28
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