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In regards to "Service 1 - The supplier shall have the ability to provide Technical services relating to the advice and design of any demand management or generation type" and the example contractual agreement contained in Attachment 2a appears to be more suited to the provision of a planned & preventative maintenance services rather than for the provision of technical services as described in the service requirements, Can you please clarify?
CCS can confirm that Service 1 covers: Energy Advisory for any energy type Design for energy generation solution Technical Services for any energy type Attachment 2a is an example of the standard CCS contract form template and can be amended as required. The supplier and the customer will ultimately agree on the T's & C's to be used for the products / services entered into.
Jun-21-2019 15:22
With regard to the requirement to hold a Cyber Essentials Basic Certificate, other recent CCS DPS processes have permitted an evidence based equivalent to this. Is this possible for the HELGA DPS as well?
Good Afternoon, With regards to your question, the requirement to hold a Cyber Essentials Basic Certificate. We are unable to accept an evidence based equivalent. In accordance with Clause 9.1 'Cyber Essentials Scheme Condition' of the DPS Agreement, please can you confirm that you are stating that your organisation does not currently have a valid Cyber Essentials Basic certificate, but you can demonstrate by the first contract commencement date that you will have in place the Cyber Essentials Basic Scheme Certificate. Failure to comply with this instruction may result in your 'Request to Participate' being formally rejected as an interim measure until you are able to provide the required assurance in relation to the cyber essentials requirements as detailed above. Kind regards Crown Commercial Service
Mar-11-2019 15:33
20.1 "the Supplier agrees to pay to the Authority the Management Levy in accordance with this Clause 20" Can you confirm our understanding that the management levy is a percentage figure of any contracts awarded to the supplier from successful tenders via HELGA? If so, what is the initial percentage value of the Management Levy?
CCS can confirm that the 'Management Levy' is a defined term and detailed in DPS Schedule 1 - Definitions, which confirms it is '1% of all Charges for the Goods and/or Services invoiced to the Contracting Authorities by the Supplier (net of VAT) in each month throughout the DPS period...'
Feb-01-2019 14:57
4.3 "the Supplier shall promptly and in any event within five (5) Working Days of the request by the Other Contracting Authority, and before any supply of the Equivalent Goods and/or Services is made, inform such Other Contracting Authority of the existence of this DPS". Is it possible to remove this clause from the agreement?
CCS can confirm that No, this is a standard Clause and will not be removed from the DPS Agreemen
Feb-01-2019 14:56
4.2.1 "There is no obligation whatsoever on the Authority or on any Other Contracting Authority to invite or select the supplier to provide any Goods and/or Services and/or to purchase any Goods and/or Services under this Dynamic Purchase Agreement." Does this mean that certain suppliers could be excluded from invitations to provide a tender for a contract opportunity?
CCS can confirm that all Suppliers who meet the Customer's specified requirements will be invited to a Call for Competition. This Clause refers to the overarching DPS Agreement and confirms that no Supplier is guaranteed any business from the DPS Agreement by becoming an Appointed Supplier.
Feb-01-2019 14:56
In Part3: Past Performance - we have answered 'No' to Question 150. Despite this, at Question 180 within the evidence submission questionnaire we are being asked to provide evidence. Please advise.
CCS can confirm that you are not required to provide a response to the evidence request at Q.180.
Dec-19-2018 08:08
Is Part 2, Questions 133-135 applicable in the RM3824 Selection Questionnaire?
CCS can confirm that Q.133 - 135 of the RM3824 Selection Questionnaire is not applicable as detailed at point 36. of the DPS Needs document which forma part of the bid pack.
Nov-14-2018 17:41
What is the rationale behind the Customer Filter 3 on Attachment 1 and the list of customers? They aren't LEPS, or all local government authorities. Is it exhaustive?
Attachment 1 - HELGA Filters Matrix, Customer Filter 3 refers to location filters. Can you please provide further clarity to enable CCS to provide an accurate response to the clarification question raised.
Nov-14-2018 09:21
Q.121 have you been involved in the preparation of the procurement procedure? Does this mean involved specifically in HELGA?
CCS can confirm that Q.121 relates specifically to ths procurement - RM3824 HELGA DPS.
Nov-13-2018 21:06
Could you please advise us of by what date additional documents need to be completed by, for example attachment 4 financial assessment template, attachment 8 group of economic operators, attachment 6 PAS91 and so forth do they need to be sent now before the 13th November or at a later date?
CCS can confirm that the Attachment 4 - Financial Assessment template is for information only, and is the template used by CCS should a bidder organisation fail to meet the financial thresholds as detailed in the DPS Needs document. Attachment 6 - PAS91 Evidence is for information only. However, suppliers may be required to provide supporting evidence to customers at competition stage to support the responses in relation to the PAS91 questions in the SQ. Suppliers will have the opportunity to upload PAS91 evidence following completion of the Selection Questionnaire. Attachment 8 - Group of Economic Operators, will only require completion in the event that a bidder organisation is bidding as a Group of Economic Operators. For full instructions to support the RM3824 HELGA DPS, please read the DPS Needs document which can be located in the bid pack for RM3824.
Nov-13-2018 21:04
Please could you clarify if providing a Parent Company Guarantee (PCG) is a pass/fail requirement for this agreement?
CCS can confirm that bidders are only required to provide a Parent Company Guarantee in the event that they are unable to meet the financial requirements as detailed in the DPS Needs document for RM3824. The Parent Company Guarantee question in the Selection Questionnaire is not Pass/ Fail.
Nov-13-2018 17:53
What types of existing customer contracts are required and how do we treat commercially sensitive material?
Can you please provide a reference within the bid pack to the customer contracts that you are referring too?
Nov-13-2018 17:51
Can investment be procured from a supplier to a buyer through this framework, if so under which services filters and descriptors?
Energy Advisory, Design & Technical Services. The Service descriptors provide a high level title to potential products or services which can be provided under this service heading. CCS can confirm it would be advisable to select options that your organisation operates. This will ensure your organisation will be included in a Competition from a customer who has a requirement in the areas for which an organisation has selected via the filtering options. The Competition will detail the exact requirements, which will enable invited suppliers to confirm if they have the capability of meeting that requirement and respond appropriately.
Nov-13-2018 17:44
On basis that response to Q133 to 135 is not required, is a response required for Q137?
CCS can confirm Q.137 of the RM3824 HELGA DPS SQ is not applicable and a response to this question is therefore not required.
Nov-09-2018 14:54
We cannot cross reference the Question 48 in Attachment 7 with the SQ; have we misunderstood the information provided?
Question 48 forms part of the DPSQ section of the overall Selection Questionnaire. For further information, please refer to the 'SQ HELGA PDF v1' in the bid pack, this provides you with a PDF copy of all the questions contained within the online electronic complete Selection Questionnaire (SQ/ DPSQ). Once you have accessed the PDF, select 'DPS Profile HELGA v1' from the book mark list, page 40 makes reference to Attachment 7 - Insurance Requirements.
Nov-09-2018 14:53
Attachment 6 - Do we need to include a completed version with evidence as part of our submission at this stage, or will we need to provide per specific customer requirements once the process is live?
Attachment 6 - PAS91 Evidence is for information only. However, suppliers may be required to provide supporting evidence to customers at competition stage to support the responses in relation to the PAS91 questions in the SQ. Suppliers will have the opportunity to upload PAS91 evidence following completion of the Selection Questionnaire.
Nov-09-2018 14:52
Do we need to include any of the evidence in section 4 in the Customer Needs document "mandatory requirements" at this stage, or will we need to provide per specific customer requirements once the process is live?
Please refer to the DPS Needs document which forms part of the bid pack for RM3824 HELGA DPS. This document contains full instructions to assist organisations with their Selection Questionnaire submission.
Nov-09-2018 14:51
What is the CCS review process of suppliers once on the DPS?
Please refer to the DPS Agreement (DPS Schedule 8 - DPS Management) which details the general structures and management activities that the Parties shall follow during the DPS Period.
Nov-09-2018 14:50
How do we ensure we're listed on all the services filters we feel are appropriate to us?
Suppliers should ensure they select only the service filters that they have the capabilities to deliver to customers.
Nov-09-2018 14:49
Are buyers able to filter suppliers, or do they only filter services they require?
CCS can confirm the customers can use the DPS Services Matrix filters to select either one or a combination of services from each of distinct service categories based on their individual customer requirements.
Nov-09-2018 14:48
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