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I am a sole trader seeking to register as a transport supplier (taxi, private hire and chauffeur services) with Crown Commercial Services' Dynamic Purchasing System. Question 5 in Part 1 (About your Organisation) of the questionnaire asks for any registered numbers against your organisation. Sole traders are not registered at Companies House so what number is required? Without a number being entered the questionnaire cannot be continued.
Because sole traders have no company registration number, the solution here is to enter a dummy combination of numbers which matches the required field, for example zeros. This will allow you to move forward to the next stage of the questionnaire.
Apr-29-2020 15:52
Please confirm if a supply chain of network partners constitute as a Group of Economic Operators, and therefore Attachment 5 requires bidders to complete.
A Group of Economic Operators form together to bid as one Supplier, with one Supplier acting as the lead supplier, when tendering for a contract. A supply chain of Sub-Contractors is not a Group of Economic Operators and therefore does not require completion of Attachment 5, but all known Sub-Contractors must be detailed in the Selection Questionnaire (up to 35 Sub-Contractors can be named) and then any additional Sub-Contractors i.e. more than 35 must be detailed in Attachment 4.
Apr-15-2019 14:21
In the interests of transparency and a level playing field for all suppliers. Where a supplier is proposing to use sub-contractors to complete work, will they need to provide evidence of each Sub-contractor's ability to meet the DPS requirment, such as Financial statements, Evidence of Insurance, Cyber Essentials compliance etc. This would seem only correct if they are accepted on to the DPS as an appointed supplier.
Suppliers are required to provide details of all known Sub-contractors in accordance with the guidance in the Selection Questionnaire and the DPS Agreement. As a condition of the award of a contract Suppliers Sub-contractors named in their Selection Questionnaire submission and/or the Contract Order Form (as a result of a further competition) will be required to hold the necessary assurance certificates e.g. Cyber Essentials, Financial status etc. as set out in the Customers statement of requirements. Customers are responsible for carrying out full evaluations on Sub-contractors and checking Sub-contractor certificates, licences, insurances etc. and this is detailed in the Customer Guidance document.
Mar-28-2019 15:09
How do we bid? is there a list of buyers/jobs we can see?
Once a Supplier has been appointed to the RM6121 Passenger Transport DPS, then Customer organisations who are running Call Off competitions will access the DPS and through using the service filtering option will produce a list of all Appointed Suppliers who match exactly their service requirements. The Customer will then contact all of those Suppliers on the list produced and invite them for a Call for Competition event where the Customer organisation will issue competition instructions and the Supplier will submit a tender opportunity for that Call Off contract.
Mar-27-2019 11:07
As a transport broker that places individual bookings across 1,000s of coach and minibus services, but for reasons of commercially confidentiality, do not disclose our supplier list, how do we complete the subcontractor questions and/or addendum spreadsheet? We vet each subcontractor according the the standards required for this procurement, and can advise Buyers and obtain agreement where required of the subcontractor(s), licenses, vetting, etc. at the time of each competition or award, however, this is not feasible at the point of DPS registration.
CCS can confirm, that all supplier (aggregators/brokers) completing a RM6121 DPS submission, must provide details of all their Key Sub-contractors. A total of 35 sub-contractors can be input as part of your Selection Questionnaire (SQ) submission (Q.22 - Q.103) and any additional sub-contractors; over 35 must be recorded in the Attachment 4 (Additional Sub-contractors) template which forms part of the bid pack. CCS do not require all Sub-Contractors to be disclosed. You need only disclose those Sub-Contractors who directly contribute to your ability to meet your obligations under the DPS Agreement (including under any Contract Agreement following a Call for Competition). There is no need to specify Sub-Contractors providing general services to you (such as window cleaners etc.) that indirectly enable you to perform the DPS Agreement. Please read the definition of Sub-Contractor in the DPS Agreement. CCS can provide assurance that sub-contractors details will not be published, however they are required for CCS to undertake a compliance and financial check of the Sub-contractors in accordance with the instructions provided in the DPS Needs document which forms part of the bid pack. All outputs will be retained with CCS for our records. If suppliers (aggregators/brokers) are awarded a contract as a result of a further competition and a sub-contractor is detailed in their Contract Order Form; that is not included in their original list of sub-contractors detailed as part of their DPS submission, the supplier as part of their contractual obligations must contact CCS immediately as per the terms of their DPS Agreement (Clause 25 - Supply Chain Rights and Protection).
Mar-21-2019 09:52
We have 1500 sub contractors, the system only allows a maximum of 35 and then you are asking for details of every single sub contractor. This is impractical. Is there any way around this?
We can confirm for any additional Sub Contractors can be inserted into Attachment 4.
Mar-20-2019 14:39
Hello - is it possible to have more than one email address/ account linked to the same submission. We would like to have a couple of people able to log in to be able to receive alerts and contribute to the submission. If so, how do we set this up? Thanks
We can advise only one email address can be used however this doesn't have to be a personal email address, it could be a email address which is accessed by more than one person.
Mar-20-2019 14:34
Please can you confirm the deadline to complete the DPS Questionnaire?
As per attachment RM6121 Customer Needs Bidders can apply to join at any point. The intended duration period of this DPS Agreement is for three (3) years. As per attachment READ First RM6121 DPS Needs the DPS opened 18/02/2019
Mar-20-2019 11:55
Please can you clarify what is required for questions 179 and 180 of the Travel DPS: 179. Upload documentary evidence for a list of relevant principal contracts for goods and/or services provided in the last three years - Is this simply a list of key customers? What is considered a 'principal contract'? 180. Upload documentary evidence for a certificate for each principal contract for goods and/or services provided in the last three years - What is required here? Is this the Letter of Confirmation of Works?
Following a review of the DPS Needs in the Passenger Transport bid pack, there are questions in the Selection Questionnaire that are not applicable for this RM6121 - Passenger Transport Bid Pack. Questions 179 and 180 are not applicable as these questions are linked to Part 3: (Past Performance) Q150 - Q154. No response was required for question 150 to 154. Therefore, these questions can be disregarded.
Mar-11-2019 15:02
Hi, We are keen to move forward with our registration to this DSP, but we are currently stuck awaiting the new "Letter of Confirmation" (attachment 8) for Question 51. Is there any news on when the new document will be available, if not, is there a way of moving on and coming back to Question 51 later?
CCS can confirm that a revised Attachment 8 - Letter of Confirmation of Works has been uploaded into the Bid Pack for use by Suppliers submitting applications to join the DPS. Suppliers must upload a signed version (signed by the Customer named in the contract example) of Attachment 8 - Letter of Confirmation of Works when submitting their application.
Mar-06-2019 10:16
Please can you confirm that question 151 of part 3 - past performance requires attachment 8 - Letter of Confirmation of Works (Contract Example) v1 is to be completed now and submitted via the DPS stage or if it is required when customers invite suppliers to a mini competition? (Please note, we posted this question on 01/03/2019 and has not appeared)
CCS can confirm that a revised Attachment 8 - Letter of Confirmation of Works has been uploaded into the Bid Pack for use by Suppliers submitting applications to join the DPS. Suppliers must upload a signed version (signed by the Customer named in the contract example) of Attachment 8 - Letter of Confirmation of Works when submitting their application.
Mar-06-2019 10:14
Thank you for confirming that a new "Letter of Confirmation" file will be uploaded with revised wording for completion of Question 51. Will you inform us when the new file is available for download or will we need to keep checking on this? Many thanks in advance.
Yes we will send a broadcast message to everybody via this SRS messaging facility once a revised Attachment 8 is uploaded.
Mar-01-2019 12:40
Can you confirm if the journey cost will be determined by CCS and it is just the suppliers margin/fee that will be open to bid upon? If this is the case, please advise at what point do bidders bid on price and what documents in the bid pack illustrate the journey price and the starting point of the margin/fee's that bidder bid upon?
To join the DPS Agreement as a Supplier there is no Pricing element as part of the bidding process. It is at the Call Off stage, when Customer organisations will run a Further Competition process, with those appointed Suppliers who match their filter requirements. Customers will run a Further Competition and will publish their specific requirements, and include details so that Suppliers can then submit a price on the individual Call Off Contract.
Mar-01-2019 09:14
Hi, thank you for your previous response regarding the Letter of Work. Can you confirm that is OK to change the working of this document as it currently specifically and only mentions "Public Sector" contracts. Is it ok to change this to Public / Private sector? Or will you upload a revised template to the system? I appreciate you have said it is ok to provide a Letter from Private sector, but the wording doesn't reflect this and customers may not want to put their signed credentials to the letter without specific reference to Public / Private sector. I hope this makes sense and look forward to hearing from you.
CCS can confirm this will be changed to Public/Private sector. We will upload a revised template to the system in due course.
Feb-28-2019 11:30
Hello, We are being asked at Question 51 to upload the "Letter of Confirmation of works" document signed. The wording of the letter appears only to relate to "Public Sector Contracts". I was under the belief that we could provide examples of Private sector accounts as well, is this not the case?
CCS can confirm that contract examples from both the private sector and public sector are acceptable as evidence to support your application to join the DPS Agreement and therefore the supporting Letter of Confirmation of Works from a private sector company is acceptable
Feb-28-2019 09:57
Please can you confirm questionnaire HMG_UNIT_SQ-334-v7 is the only document required by bidders to complete?
CCS do not know what the document number is that you are referencing in your question. To apply for a position on the Passenger Transport DPS Agreement all Suppliers must follow the application procedure set out in the DPS Needs document of the Bid Pack. Here the guidance will explain what is required to ensure you submit a compliant bid for the DPS Agreement. The document also explains that once registered on the Supplier Registration System (SRS), Suppliers MUST access the link situated under the 'Travel - Passenger Transport Solutions' heading on the Dynamic Purchasing System Marketplace and click on the link to 'Access as a Supplier'. All Suppliers will then be taken to a Standard Selection Questionnaire which requires completion (you may give this a name yourself), once this is completed Suppliers will then be presented with a DPSQ (a procurement specific Selection Questionnaire) to complete, this details, amongst other things, the service filters you can offer, your contract example and here you will upload the Letter of Confirmation of Works etc. Once this has been completed and you confirm that it has been completed your application status will change to 'Assessing' and CCS will be able to undertake the required compliance checks. Please read fully the DPS Needs document before completing your application.
Feb-26-2019 15:41
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