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There are 2 clarifications for this DPS

The opportunity notice suggests a UK wide DPS but Page 11 of the Buyer Needs Document suggests that the location scope is for Isle of Man, Channel Islands and Gibraltar. Can you confirm which is correct please? Kind Regards
Sorry for any confusion caused here, this is a UK wide DPS with buyers able to filter locations through Post Code/ Radius, Isle of Man, Channel Islands and Gibraltar.
May-29-2020 08:55
Hello, We believe this contract is intended to replace some of the elements available under a previous commercial agreement RM 3765 - digital training and support framework. We are a training organisation so wanted to ask does it replace all training requirements that were in RM3765? Many thanks
Yes, this contract focuses on the core service elements that we have found are needed by customers in particular the training requirements around Assited Digital Support and Digital Inclusion.
May-29-2020 08:54
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