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There are 3 clarifications for this DPS

Good afternoon, The bid pack states that we do not have to provide answers for Part 3: (NHS Questions) Q157 - Q161 of the SQ however, they are mandatory fields. So we just respond NO to all of the answers in this section? Thanks
In this instance your understanding is correct, although mandatory CCS will accept a negative response to the specified questions.
Sep-15-2020 14:25
Good morning, I am having trouble accessing Attachment 1 and 2, it says they cannot be located. Is it possible for these to be re-uploaded or sent via email? Thanks
Thank you for bringing this to our attention. You should know be able to re download the bid pack and access these attachments. Thank you.
Aug-28-2020 09:59
Hello, We are interested in this opportunity (RM6172 (Grant Administrative Services DPS)) and note that it is a rolling application open until summer 2024. We have noted another opportunity that is very similar (RM6216 - Research Marketplace 2), which we understood will replace the existing framework (RM6108) upon which we are suppliers. However, when we downloaded the bid pack for this opportunity (RM6172), the application materials referenced RM6018 as well, rather than RM6172 or another framework. Please could I clarify: (a) whether RM6216 and RM6172 are separate frameworks with a separate application process (b) if so, whether we need to re-apply for RM6172 (if we are already on the existing suppliers list) Many thanks and best wishes.
Thank you for your message. After looking through the bid pack and contracts finder documents we cannot find any reference to RM6018. Could you clarify within which document you found this reference? Thank you.
Aug-28-2020 09:57
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