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Please confirm that the reference to" tort" in clause 11.2 of the DPS Core Terms includes negligence ("whether in tort (including negligence), contract or otherwise...")
CCS can confirm that Tort does include negligence.
Sep-10-2020 14:16
Looking to apply to this DPS and was wondering if there was an invitation code to use or if we started a new questionnaire.
The Artificial Intelligence DPS can be applied for by clicking the "Access as a Supplier" option within the DPS landing page. https://supplierregistration.cabinetoffice.gov.uk/dps#technology
Sep-10-2020 13:57
Could you please confirm a timeline for applying to be a supplier to RM6200? e.g., what is the deadline for applications to join as a supplier?
A Dynamic Purchasing System is open for suppliers to apply at any point during its lifespan, for Artificial Intelligence this is initially until 04/03/2022. There are no deadlines for a supplier to join, however a supplier must be appointed to the DPS to be included in any calls for further competition by the buying organisation which may take place at any point in time.
Aug-27-2020 13:13
We note that a financial standing assessment is required, can you please provide guidance on how a new company with no trading history should respond to this and how they will be assessed?
CCS will carry out a financial assessment in the event a suppliers Dunn&Bradstreet score does not meet the required threshold. A selection of evidence can be provided in lieu of accounts in the event a supplier has limited trading history, and can be found in the selection questionnaire within the Bid Pack (Question 128). CCS requires suppliers to upload evidence using the Evidence Submission section of the questionnaire.
Aug-21-2020 12:26
Please confirm whether question 137 of the Selection Questionnaire needs completing because in the DPS Needs v1.0 document, the instructions state in paragraph 70 that there is no requirement to complete questions 133, 134 and 135 by providing contract examples? Question 137 seems associated with questions 133, 134 and 135 because it states "If you cannot provide at least one example customer contract, in no more than 500 words please provide an explanation for this ..."
In this instance CCS will require a response to Q137 only in the event you are unable provide contract examples (as per responses to either Q133, Q134, Q135) and as such these questions are non-mandatory.
Aug-20-2020 06:59
Hi, we have reviewed the bid pack and cannot see Attachment 6 - SQ PDF which is listed in the 'Read First RM6200' document. Please can you advise where we can find this? Thank you
CCS can confirm Attachment 6 has now been uploaded and can be found within the main section of the Bid Pack for Artificial Intelligence.
Aug-20-2020 06:57
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