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Re. Waste Management Services We cannot find what the requirement is for waste management services. Can you please expand on this.
Waste management services themselves aren't included in the scope of the DPS, but they do form part of the Delivery and Performance Assessment Services. Here is an extract from DPS Schedule 1-Specification (found in the Bid Pack): 3. Service Requirements 3.1. Delivery and Performance Assessment Services Buyers have the opportunity to procure the services of a Supplier to review current building cleaning and/or waste management practices and receive transparent, expert advice that is focused on Buyer needs. The Supplier shall carry out an in depth assessment and analysis of current operating practices, policies, procedures and documentation to identify more efficient ways of working. 3.2. Cleaning Standard and Waste management Services Recommendations for improvements may include: ● Ways to minimise costs; ● Achieve value for money; ● Save time; ● Improve sustainability and social value; ● Improve service delivery and standards; ● Achieve legal compliance; ● Improve recycling rates; ● Achieve zero to landfill; ● Ways to minimise costs; ● Achieve value for money; and ● Maximise internal and external bin infrastructure to save time. The Buyer will decide at Call Off what the aim and focus of any review will be.
Jul-31-2020 10:19
Hello, I had asked a question regarding insurance levels which was answered as per below: In regards to the Professional Indemnity Insurance requirement of £1 million, is it possible this could be lowered to £100,000. Thanks We are hoping to have this amount lowered and currently working on this. Answered Jul-23-2020 15:35 Can you please provide more information regarding the change of levels or a date we should expect this to be done by. Thanks
Unfortunately we don't have any further details on levels or change of date at the moment as it is still very much a work in progress.
Jul-31-2020 10:18
In regards to the Professional Indemnity Insurance requirement of £1 million, is it possible this could be lowered to £100,000. Thanks
We are hoping to have this amount lowered and currently working on this.
Jul-23-2020 15:35
Good Morning, We have submitted our standard Selection Questionnaire (SQ) which is showing as 'assessing' as you have requested for further information, can you please advise how/where we submit this additional information. You have also requested that we provide a parent company guarantee, do you have a template that we should use for the guarantee?
When you have completed the standard Selection Questionnaire you need to select 'Save and Continue'. Once done this will direct you to the DPSQ. Within the DPSQ you will be asked to upload some evidence where applicable. Once you have submitted the DPSQ and your profile is in 'assessing', CCS will complete compliance checks. If we need to seek clarification of any information your provide we will contact you via the email address you input into Q597 of the DPSQ. Please refer to 'Economic and Financial Standing' section of the DPS Needs document in relation to providing a guarantee.
Jun-12-2020 08:38
Call off/Order Schedule 14. Service Credits and KPIs. There does not appear to be a cap on service credits and, under paragraph 3.2 the entire charge for a service period can be withheld as compensation. This appears very onerous as the majority of costs are staff related, should this be capped at the profit?
We can confirm that the DPS agreement will remain as drafted. All awards will be made under identical terms.
May-11-2020 11:42
Please can you also confirm which indexation will be used, and whether statutory increases in wages will be able to be applied as part of the annual adjustment made on the anniversary.
As prices are not collected at DPS level this is the customers decison to confirm at Call Off.
May-11-2020 11:41
Please can you confirm that with regards to TUPE that there will be a window of opportunity to undertake Due Diligence with a true-up of anticipated vs actual employee costs and a price adjustment applied.
This will be defined at the Competition Procedure. It is your responsibility to take your own advice and consider whether TUPE is likely to apply in the particular circumstances of the contract and to act accordingly, you are therefore encouraged to carry out your own due diligence exercise.
May-11-2020 11:40
We do not appear to have sight of Call-Off/Order Schedule 6 "Order Contract".
Schedule 6 - Order Form Template and Order Schedules can be found within the Bid Pack winzip, in the folder named Attachment 7 - Part 2 (Terms and Conditions).
May-11-2020 11:39
Part E, Schedule 2. Exit Provisions. Please can you confirm that the supplier will only be responsible for liabilities arising during the period that the supplier is the employer?
This would be agreed between the supplier and customer at call off.
May-11-2020 11:38
Please can you confirm that a redundancy surcharge mechanism will be used where the buyer decreases the scope/closure or partial closure of a site, and on termination or expiry of the contract in circumstances where TUPE does not apply.
This needs to be agreed between the supplier and customer at call off stage.
May-11-2020 11:37
Core Terms clauses 24.5- 24.7. Change in Law. Please can you confirm that statutory increases in wages, or non-statutory rates of pay required by the Buyer will be covered.
24.5 If there is a General Change in Law, the Supplier must bear the risk of the change and is not entitled to ask for an increase to the DPS Pricing or the Charges. 24.6 If there is a Specific Change in Law or one is likely to happen during the Contract Period the Supplier must give CCS and the Buyer notice of the likely effects of the changes as soon as reasonably practical. They must also say if they think any Variation is needed either to the Deliverables, DPS Pricing or a Contract and provide evidence: ● that the Supplier has kept costs as low as possible, including in Subcontractor costs ● of how it has affected the Supplier's costs 24.7 Any change in the DPS Pricing or relief from the Supplier's obligations because of a Specific Change in Law must be implemented using Clauses 24.1 to 24.4.
May-11-2020 11:36
Under Core Terms clause 10.3.2. termination for convenience. Please can you confirm whether certain supplier costs will be reimbursed (eg unrecovered investment, or demobilisation, costs).
10.3.2 Each Buyer has the right to terminate their Order Contract at any time without reason or liability by giving the Supplier not less than 90 days' written notice and if it's terminated Clause 10.5.2 to 10.5.7 applies 10.5.2 The Buyer's payment obligations under the terminated Contract stop immediately. 3.2.10 The Supplier must indemnify the Buyer against the costs of any Recall of the Goods and give notice of actual or anticipated action about the Recall of the Goods.
May-11-2020 11:35
Please can you confirm whether different limited companies under the same umbrella organisation can be awarded individual places on the Cleaning DPS, or would they be required to be delivering different services and/or geographical areas.
Please refer to the DPS needs paragraph 'Involvement in multiple bids'. You may bid for any location or services as long as you meet the multiple bids criteria set out in the DPS needs document.
May-11-2020 11:07
We are currently completing the Registered 2 questionnaire for the Building Cleaning Services DPS. Could you please provide me with more detail on what a 'Delivery and Performance Assessment Service' is? If we select any of these does this mean we have to provide some kind of performance assessment from a current client?
Buyers have the opportunity to procure the services of an independant Supplier to review thier current building cleaning and/or waste management practices and receive transparent, expert advice that is focused on Buyer needs. The Supplier shall carry out an in depth assessment and analysis of the buysers current operating practices, policies, procedures and documentation to identify more efficient ways of working. This data can then be used to inform their call off specification. you do not need to provide a performance assessment fromm a current client if you confirm you can offer this servcie.
May-01-2020 11:16
Evidence Requirements - could you please explain what evidence would be acceptable for the following questions: 179, 180, 181 For example, providing a list and certificates of performance for contracts over the last 3 years will be very difficult.
Within the DPSQ at questions 24 - 27 you are required to provide one (1) contract example as part of your application to join the Building Cleaning Services DPS Agreement. Please refer to attachment 9 for response guidance. Questions 179, 180 or 181 are not applicable in this DPSQ.
Apr-21-2020 09:22
The Decontaminator is a specialist cleaning service, for want of a better title. We disinfect everything: airborne droplets surface microorganisms and achieve a 99.99% reduction of bacteria, viruses, moulds and yeast. While deep cleaning can mean different things to different people, the level of service we provide starts where a good deep clean ends. BTW: we work with many excellent providers of deep cleans. The methods we use are to 'fog' a room with H²O² Ag (hydrogen peroxide with silver ions), this is recognised by NHS and even appears in their cleaning guidelines. The other method is electrostatic spraying; same solution just manually dispersed. The H²O² Ag is charged with static energy and when dispersed it adheres to any and everything, it even reaches the blindsides if not too broad or deep. My role as operator is to be methodical and thorough, in doing so, we achieve at least the 99.99% reduction mentioned earlier. In confined areas, like laboratories, ICU, cleanrooms and other similar settings a 99.9999% reduction is commonplace. This is not specified in your CUSTOMER filters. Can it be included please?
We are unable to amend the Service filters that Buyers are able to select when running Competition procedures. Within your SQ response please select the filters for the Services that your organisation can deliver.
Apr-21-2020 09:22
Good morning, Given the current developing situation with regard to COVID-19 and the fact that some tendering opportunities are being postponed or having timetables re-issued, can you please advise if the current timetable for return of this PQQ still stands? We would like to be able to give this exciting opportunity our full attention and we are having to re-evaluate workloads accordingly. We look forward to hearing from you.
We can confirm as DPS's offer Suppliers to tender at any point during the 4 year term CCS have made a decision to continue as BAU (Business As Usual). However if this changes we will communicate this to all Suppliers accordingly.
Mar-24-2020 16:28
Dear CCS, We are writing to you as we have not had responses to our emails sent to you on 2 March 2020 and 6 March 2020. In which we have questioned the abovementioned document, in particular, Clause 118 within it. This clause states that 'Third-Party Agents/Bid Writers are not permissible for CCS DPS procurements. In the event that a supplier confirms that they are using a Third-Party Agent/ Bid Writer within their Selection Questionnaire, they will be rejected from the DPS as an interim measure.' As you will see from our emails, we are disputing that a decision to include this clause is within the remit of Crown Commercial Services and that by including it, it goes against Public Procurement Regulations. It also conflicts with guidance you have previously released in which you advise companies that, although Third Parties are available, there is no requirement to use them. This does not state that they cannot be used at all. Please confirm the use of Third Parties are permitted. Regards
We can confirm the 'Third Party Agents/ Bid Writers' question has now been removed from the live Building Cleaning DPS questionnaire. The live bid pack has been amended too.
Mar-23-2020 13:09
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