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2. Please provide a description for this standard Selection Questionnaire . Are you able to give an example of what needs to be written for this? Thanks
CCS can confirm that this is for Suppliers own use and for your own records, and can be your company name, numbers etc. A suggestion might be '[your company name] application for Research Marketplace'.
Jan-03-2019 17:22
NHS section Q155 - Q161 is not applicable to us as a company but we have seleceted no on these questions. I have tried to change it as seen that this should be left blank but cannot do that. Is this an issue or ok to leave as no.
CCS can confirm that Part 3 (NHS Requirements) are not applicable for this DPS as detailed within the DPS Needs document. If you have already selected 'No' to these questions CCS can confirm that by selecting 'No' to a not applicable question, that is detailed in the DPS Needs document, that this is permissible and will not cause an issue to the application process.
Jan-03-2019 14:11
We are attempting to apply for the Research Marketplace - however the Standard Questionnaire available through supplierregistration.cabinetoffice.gov.uk does not include the Research marketplace specific questions, nor does it seem to have an attachment option to upload Letters of Confirmation in support of our research examples. Does this become available after submission of the Standard Questionnaire or should we be applying for the Research Marketplace through a different system?
CCS can confirm that the standard Selection Questionnaire and the Research marketplace section of the Selection Questionnaire (referred to in the Bid Pack as the DPSQ) are two different questionnaires. Once the standard Selection Questionnaire has been completed (ensuring Suppliers follow the correct application process outlined in the DPS Needs document of the Bid Pack) then once you have confirmed the Selection Questionnaire is completed the Research specific element of the Selection Questionnaire will become available for you to provide your responses e.g. confirm your customer contract examples, the filters you are able to deliver and where you can upload Attachments 1a and 1b in support of your application.
Dec-28-2018 14:56
There is a question on the SQ for Research Marketplace for the supplier to answer around GDPR/data protection
There is no specific GDPR question in the RM6018 Research Marketplace Selection Questionnaire. However, suppliers are required to comply with as a condition of appointment to the RM6018 Research Marketplace DPS, the GDPR schedule and clauses as specified in the DPS Agreement and the GDPR specific clauses in the Contract Terms which form part of the bid pack.
Dec-07-2018 10:59
171/172 - Parent company accounts - We do not have a parent company, can we leave this blank?
If your organisation does not have a parent company, please leave the question response blank.
Dec-07-2018 10:57
168 - Upload a bank letter outlining the current cash and credit position - does this have to be a letter or can it be a current bank statement and/or accountant report?
Please disregard evidence request Q.168 as detailed in the DPS Needs document at point 36 you will see details of non applicable questions.
Dec-07-2018 10:56
For question 144. Please confirm if you will be supporting apprenticeships and skills development through this contract. As our company will not envisage to have a value of £10 million should this be answered no or left blank? â–¼Guidance for supporting apprenticeships Public procurement of contracts with a full life value of £10 million and above and duration of 12 months and above should be used to support skills development and delivery of the apprenticeship commitment.
Apprenticeships and Skills Development (Q144 - Q146) of the RM6018 Selection Questionnaire, suppliers should select 'no' where this question is not applicable in accordance with PPN 14/15.
Dec-07-2018 10:53
If a question is not relevant then do we just leave it blank if there is no option to put n/a
For those questions that are not applicable, please leave blank.
Dec-07-2018 10:53
Sub contractors - We use subcontractors but at this point do not know who will be used for any of the tenders that we win through this roster. How do we therefore list them. Is it a requirement that you want each and everyone of the subcontractors that we have ever used to be listed? What happens if they do not have dunns numbers or are not VAT registered? Some subcontractors maybe Freelancers and therefore we would just be suppling their name and numbers. Under GDPR I am not sure that this is something that we should be doing if you do require all.
CCS does not require all sub-contractors to be disclosed. You need only disclose those sub-contractors who directly contribute to your ability to meet your obligations under the DPS Agreement (including under any Contract), regardless of size as there is no minimum size of sub-contractor. Furthmore, there is no requirement to specify sub-contractors supplying general services to you (such as window cleaners etc.) that only indirectly enable you to perform the DPS Agreement.
Dec-07-2018 10:52
Do we need to answer part 3 NHS requirement if we are not an NHS provider?
Part 3 (NHS Requirements) Q158 - Q161 are not applicable and suppliers are not required to provide a response, as detailed in the DPS Needs document at point 36.
Dec-07-2018 10:51
In relation to the question below how should we answer if we do not have a parent company - do we leave it blank? 130. Are you able to provide parent company accounts if requested at a later stage? Yes No
If your organisation does not have a parent company, please select 'No' to question Q.130.
Dec-07-2018 10:48
The Selection Questionnaire asks; Within the past three years, anywhere in the world, has the following situation applied to you or your organisation: Been involved in the preparation of the procurement procedure? To confirm - is this question asking whether we have been involved in preparing CCS' procurement procedure or, similar procedures around the world?
CCS can confirm that this question relates specifically to this procurement - RM6018 Research Marketplace DPS.
Nov-28-2018 09:02
As a small company (40 FTE) who have limited use of sub-contractors, we haven't had the need for too much Modern Slavery process or provision. Whilst we do have a policy, a number of the questions of the Assessment we have to answer 'No' to. Our turnover is less than £36m. Please could you confirm what the purpose of the Modern Slavery Assessment is and whether replying no to a number of questions will be detrimental to our application.
If your organisation does not comply with the Modern Slavery Act criteria, please provide full details in the explanation comment box provided at question 139 of the 'Standard Selection Questionnaire'. In this instance your response would not be deemed as non compliant.
Nov-26-2018 15:10
The selection questionnaire asks; Do you meet the minimum level of economic and financial standing and/or minimum financial threshold specified within the evaluation criteria for this procurement? Please can you confirm what the minimum level of economic and financial standing and/or minimum financial threshold are for the Research Marketplace Framework and how we demonstrate this - do we need to submit any information as part of our submission?
CCS can confirm the minimum financial threshold credit score is 51 or above, as detailed in the DPS Need document at point 24.
Nov-26-2018 15:08
Once we have Registered as a supplier, completed the Selection Questionnaire and Modern Slavery Assessment, our application will then be considered for inclusion on the framework? Once approved - are we then in a position to start looking for opportunities from potential customers on the framework?
CCS can confirm that suppliers will be invited to a call for competition by customers in accordance with their project service requirements. Customers select their service requirements from the filters within the DPS and as detailed in Attachment 2 - RM6018 Research Services Matrix of the bid pack. Suppliers who are successfully appointed to the RM6018 Research Marketplace DPS don't search for opportunities, they must be invited by a customer via a competition process.
Nov-26-2018 15:05
Am I able to add certain categories advertised on DPS, please provide guidance if this is possible.
Please refer to the DPS Needs document - Updating Answers in the Selection Questionnaire, Dynamic Purchasing System Questionnaire (DPSQ) section, which forms part of the bid for RM6018.
Nov-26-2018 15:04
I'm completing the Selection Questionnaire - Services Provided, Q6a. If we need to edit the areas selected here to add to the selections, will we be able to do so at a future point? Thanks,
Please refer to the DPS Needs document, section referenced 'Updating Answers in the Selection Questionnaire' for full details of how to update your service offerings during and following appointment to the RM6018 Research Marketplace DPS.
Nov-13-2018 12:47
Could you possibly give us some comfort that concerns relating to the RM6018 Research Marketplace DPS could be agreed by the Customer and Supplier on a project-by-project basis?
CCS can confirm that customers project requirements will be determined by the customer at competition stage and will not include any material changes to the Contract terms in accordance with PCR2015.
Nov-08-2018 10:39
Can DPS Agreement and Contract Terms Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Clauses be amended?
CCS can confirm that DPS Agreement and Contract Terms IPR clauses are standard term and will remain unchanged.
Nov-08-2018 10:38
Possible need for a Cyber Essentials Certificate / accredited system for carrying out the project (may involve cost/time).
In accordance with clause 7.55 - 7.57 of the DPS Agreement, suppliers are required to have in place cyber essentials basic certification by the award of their first contract under the DPS Agreement. Please refer to the link below for further information re obtgaining cyber essentials certification: https://www.cyberessentials.ncsc.gov.uk/getting-certified/ Customers will request copies of suppliers certificates prior to award of a contract under the DPS and in accordance with the obligations as set out in the DPS Agreement. If a supplier fails to provide the required certification, this may be deemed as a breach of contract and may result in a contract not being awarded.
Nov-08-2018 10:36
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