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1. Hi There is a request for us to answer a question for Cyber Requirements 20.2. Please confirm all subcontractors detailed in your SQ submission have Cyber Essentials Plus certificate in place. Yes No If we dont have any sub contractors what do we answer? Thnaks Simon
You can answer 'No' to this question on Cyber Requirements.
23/06/2021 12:05
2. Hi. I have three questions. Firstly, do we need to complete Q133? Your response to previous clarification questions indicates that we do not; however it is not shown in the list of questions not required for completion in Section 9 of the READFIRST document. Secondly, how do we confirm which standards we wish to deliver. In the READFIRST document it states that it is part of the SQ submission but the only document I can see which lists the standards is attachment 1a - does this need to be complete at the outset and uploaded somewhere? Finally, I'm not sure how to interpret the first two questions on the SQ regarding providing a name and description for the product questionnaire. Can you elaborate? Thank you
1. We can confirm that Q.133 is not a mandatory question 2. The Apprenticeship standards is part of the DPSQ which forms part of the whole SQ submission. You will confirm and complete the apprenticeship standards section after you have completed the generic SQ. This can be seen in the Attachment 9c in the Bid Pack. 3. These first two questions are just used as a reference point for your questionnaire. They don't require specific right/wrong answers and are just used so both you and CCS can see what the SQ is in reference to.
16/06/2021 11:58
3. Hello, We would like to change the programmes we are adding to the DPS yet have already completed the general prospectus. Please can you advise how we amend our selection? Thank you,
Once you view your application in the system, you should be able to amend your DPSQ including the programmes you are adding. If you are having further difficulty please contact the Supplier Registration service desk on +44 (0) 161 413 7982 or via email at Support@nqc.com
01/04/2021 14:22
4. Hello, Please can you confirm if we are able to offer discounts based on number of learners enrolled in one year, or if the discounts are offered based on the contract length? Thank you Hannah
The discounts apply for the period of the contract. For example if you have a 2 year contract the discounts will apply for the 2 year period.
30/03/2021 09:43
5. Hello Please can we specify that discounts offered must be for apprenticeships enrolled within one year of contract award?
The discounts apply for the period of the contract. For example if you have a 2 year contract the discounts will apply for the 2 year period.
30/03/2021 09:42
6. Please can you clarify if we are able to add a time limit to the discounts offered? Ie a 5% discount for 50 learners, providing that the learners are enrolled within 1 year of award? Thank you
The discounts apply for the period of the contract. For example if you have a 2 year contract the discounts will apply for the 2 year period.
30/03/2021 09:40
7. Hello, Please can you advise? Would we need to complete two separate applications to join the DPS if we are bidding as two organisations under the same umbrella organisation (albeit the umbrella organisation does not deliver apprenticeships)? Thank you,
Hello, If you are bidding just as the umbrella organisation then you would only need to complete one application for the DPS. You should complete an application for each organisation that you would like to be listed on the DPS.
22/03/2021 15:12
8. Please can you clarify the term 'blended' when referring to the following question in the apprenticeship prospectus? Please confirm how you will deliver 20% off the job training requirement, between one or more of the options below (your accumulative total across your selected option(s) should equate to 20%). Online Classroom based Workshop Blended Thank you, Hannah
Blended refers to a mix of face-to-face and online/electronic training.
11/03/2021 12:21
9. Can you provide context to the flexibility within to a standard competition process via the framework for a supplier to expand their offering to meet the requirement of the contracting authority? In particular: 1) The contracting authority wants to procure 3 apprenticeship standards, and selects these on the filter. The supplier has 1 standard on the framework, but can also (although not on the framework) deliver the other two standards. Would they be visible to the contracting authority, and could the supplier submit a proposal to deliver all 3? 2) If a supplier is able to offer all of the "training delivery mode" options, do they have to put all four on the framework separately? Or, if the Contracting Authority is filtering on Apprenticeship standard would the supplier be able to just be on the framework with one option, but at competition be able to offer an alternative "training delivery mode" to the one they have on the framework? And lastly 3) If the Contracting Authority has a particular requirement that meant the supplier would want to use a different sub-contractor, or use a sub-contractor where originally self-delivery was expected, does this flexibility exist?
1. The supplier should list all their available standards as part of their service offering. If they do not list a standard it will not be visible to the customer or available for them to buy through the RM6102 agreement. 2. The supplier should list all training delivery options that they can offer for a particular standard. Customers may filter on training delivery modes to narrow their selection of suppliers. 3. The process for additional subcontractors is detailed in Clause 25 of the Dynamic Marketplace Agreement contained within the bid pack.
04/03/2021 16:48
10. Please can you confirm that in the case of a call to competition via "standard award" that suppliers' submitted Attachment 5 Pricing Matrix does not apply and that a new price based is submitted based on the contracting authorities requirement, as the delivery model may change? i.e. the Attachment 5 pricing matrix only applies for Rapid Award for a "off the shelf" delivery model available from the supplier
In the event that a customer opts to undertake a 'Standard' award procedure, pricing criteria will be developed by the customer as part of their Invitation To Tender. Therefore meaning prices may differ to those detailed in Attachment 5 and or Attachment 6, which will only be utilised if the customer opt to undertake the 'Rapid' award procedure.
03/03/2021 15:13
11. Good afternoon, I am completing the questionnaire for services provided and the question below only allows for one number to be submitted. We are registered with three organisations. EPAONo. City and GuildsEPA0008 EALEPA0010 The Institute of the Motor IndustryEPA0023 Please provide your End-Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO) NumberThis is a 7 digit number starting with 3 letters followed by 4 numbers, e.g. EPA0123. Details of how to register as an End-Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO), can be found here My question is: which one do we enter and is there a way to put multiple entries in? Regards Ian
Currently there is only the facility to enter one EPAO number. This is checked against the ESFA register as part of the application process. Bidders should ensure their ESFA registered company organisation name should be identical to the name registered to the RM6102 DMP. If the details do not match, your submission will enter into a 'DISABLED' stage, which will require further assessment by CCS.
23/12/2020 10:03
12. Previously, on 24 October, we submitted two detailed questions concerning IPR. Can you please advise when you will be able to provide responses?
This has been answered in a previous response
16/10/2020 13:03
13. Hi, We are in the process of completing the questionnaire on the Apprenticeship Training Dynamic Marketplace. We have come to question 21 regarding frameworks. We are no longer offering frameworks but are offering standards. Do we ignore these questions or is there a question we have answered previously which has triggered this set of questions? Thanks
From 1 August 2020 Frameworks are no longer available for any new starter for apprenticeships and have been removed from the portal.
02/09/2020 10:51
14. Dear Team, 1) DMP Agreement, Section G, Clause 27.3. To note, as a Supplier and HEI we would be equally subject to FOIA but this is not reflected in this clause. In the event of us as a Supplier being required to disclose information under the FOIA, we would seek co-operation under FOIA from CCS. 2) DMP Agreement, Section G, Clause 27.4.13. There is a small but material error which we believe should be corrected: The sentence should read " The Authority may, at any time on one less than 30 Working Days' notice, revise this clause....." The clause currently states "The Supplier....." 3) Call Off Contract, Section A, Clause 5. The numerical sequencing of this clause is incorrect. Could you please correct? 4) Call Off Contract, Section J, Clause 25.4 (a). The reading of this clause suggests that there may be missing sections of the clause as surely the Customer is not only liable if an event occurred in the first Contract Year,where liabilities arise beyond the first Contract Year . As currently drafted, there is nothing to stipulate the liability of the Customer. Therefore there would be a strong argument to say that the Customer will not be liable. Could CCS confirm what the meaning of this clause should be? 5) Call Off Contract, Contract Schedule 1. There is an error in the first sentence- the correct reference should be Clause 1.1. Also the entire section of words defined beginning from "Contract Commencement Date" - "Contract Order Form" have been inserted at the wrong alphabetical sequence. Is it possible for these to be corrected? 6) Call-off contract Clause 22.9 a) - We note the requirement contained within this clause, i.e. the Customer's right to sub-licence Supplier background IPR to a third party, including any replacement supplier. We also note previous CQs raised on this issue. We would however like to point out that this clause is of concern to us as if this clause became applicable we would have to share our background IPR with a competitor. We therefore request this clause is removed. If the clause is unable to be removed, would it be possible to have reference to any sub-licence/assignment/transfer of Supplier background IPR to a Replacement Supplier removed within the Order Form following a call-off? Many thanks
1. CCS can confirm that this is a standard clause and will remain unchanged. 2. CCS can confirm that this is a standard clause and will remain unchanged. 3. Noted, call off terms and conditions will be amended to change the numerical sequencing. 4. This stipulates the customer's liability from the commencement of the contract to the end of the first contract year. 5. CCS can confirm that this is a standard clause and will remain unchanged. 6. CCS can confirm that this is a standard clause across all Government contracts and will remain unchanged.
02/09/2020 10:50
15. Hello, Please can you confirm the number of learners enrolled on the previous framework across the programmes available and CCS's overall retention rate for apprenticeships?
Over the last 6 months CCS average 8,500 apprentices on programme on the previous framework - RM3823 Apprenticeship Training and Related Services. CCS do not hold the data relating to retention rates centrally. This will be held by customers who have accessed the framework agreement under their own individual customer call off contract.
24/06/2020 16:23
16. I have been asked to put our Registered Company Number as we are a university we don't have one. I tried putting N/A but it won't accept it, can you tell me what to do?
This can be answered with N/A if it does not apply to you.
23/06/2020 12:00
17. We do not currently have Cyber Essentials certification but are in the process of getting it. Would this be sufficient.
CCS can confirm that suppliers will fail the SQ in the event that they are unable to provide a copy of their cyber certificate as detailed in the DMP Agreement (Clause 9). In the event suppliers do not have cyber certification, they are able to join the DPS at any time once the appropriate cyber certification has been achieved and can be evidenced.
02/06/2020 13:59
18. Question 5 requires us to submit our Registered Company No. However, as we were created through The Education (Further Education Corporations) Order 1992 we were/are not required to register. How should we respond please to allow us to continue with the form?
This can be answered with N/A if it does not apply to you.
21/05/2020 07:53
19. With regard to EPA, as this cost is due to change annually and dependent on which provider the employer will use how do we record the % of the breakdown as this could change and some of our standards have not engaged as yet with providers or we have but they are not on line as yet as being developed etc.
This can be changed accordingly as suppliers can update their offering and pricing through the lifetime of the agreement. With those standards that are currently being developed an estimate can be entered and once this is confirmed go in later to update the % breakdown.
07/05/2020 08:10
20. IfATE reserves the right to undertake a review of and implement changes to the occupational standard and associated high level assessment plan for each standard and the funding band assigned to it. In some instances, the current version of the occupational standard and high level assessment plan is made defunct and is replaced by a new or updated occupational standard and/or high level assessment plan. This can result in a change to the EPA operational delivery model where prices may go up or down. In such circumstances where an EPAO may be forced to align to a new high level assessment plan, can CCS confirm what scope an EPA supplier on the DPS has for: i. Making changes to delivery when an occupational standard and/or high level assessment plan is removed by IfATE. ii. Updating the pricing matrix for that particular standard where it falls outside of the Quarterly Adjustment Schedule. iii. Making a change to the pricing during the term of an existing contract awarded through this DPS for both rapid and standard award.
i. & ii.) Section 13 of the DPS Needs Document in the Bidpack states ; 'If your organisation is successfully appointed to the DMP, you can update your answers and/or contact details provided in the 'Quality Assessment - Section 2' only of the DPSQ section of the Selection Questionnaire. To update your answers in the above section, select the 'View' option on your DMP submission, which can be located on 'Your Dashboard' by setting your 'Questionnaires' filter to 'Apprenticeships Training Dynamic Marketplace ', and your 'Status' filter to 'Appointed'. By completing the above process, you will be navigated to an overview of your answer sheet, where you are required to select 'Update Apprenticeships Training Dynamic Marketplace DPSQ , Prospectus and Pricing matrix(s)' from the 'Options' section on the right hand side of the screen. All your previous answers will be pre-populated and you can navigate through the DPSQ, Prospectus and Pricing matrix(s), where you can amend your response(s) as appropriate and re-submit your submission to us.' iii) There are provisions in the call off contract for suppliers to submit a price change via a variation, however this needs to be agreed with the customer who is in contract. If this is required for compliance with IfATE then we would not envisage this being a problem with customer agreement and sign off."
07/05/2020 08:09
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