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There are 97 clarifications for this DPS

1. Please can you confirm who the ' DPS Agreement Manager' should be, referenced in Question 117? Would this be the same as the key contact?
The DPS Agreement Manager is the person within your organisation appointed to manage the DPS on a day to day basis and will be act as a lead contact point for CCS.
24/09/2021 14:37
2. I'm aware that there are a few questions in the SQ that are not applicable. Is it possible to summarise all those Qs that are not applicable? Are Qs 144-147 applicable to the Communications Marketplace SQ?
Please refer to paragraph 72 of the DPS needs document in the bid pack for a list of the not applicable questions
24/09/2021 14:35
3. Can separate files be uploaded to support our contract examples? If so, how should they be submitted?
CCS can confirm that only the Attachments 1a and 1b should be uploaded in support of the contract example you provide. No other attachments are permitted
24/09/2021 14:31
4. It appears that the liability caps do not apply to any of the indemnities (other than a specific data protection liability cap). We would not usually accept uncapped liability as that would put the Agency at risk for unlimited amounts. Please could a liability cap be included, in the 'Core Terms RM6124' document, in respect of the indemnities. Many thanks
Please see clause 11 for more information on liability caps
22/09/2021 12:17
5. We understand that any New IP created under a Contract will be owned by CCA/Client, however we would usually expect this to be subject to CCS/Client making payment for the services under the agreement. This does not appear to be the case here so please could some wording be included in the 'Core Terms RM6124' document to reflect this. Many thanks.
Please refer to clauses 4.4, specifically 4.4 (b)
22/09/2021 12:16
6. 2.In respect of termination provisions in the 'Core Terms RM6124' document, please could you provide clarification as to: (i) whether the Agency would have to repay any and all charges CCS/Client have paid in advance for the goods/services (not provided by the Agency) if CCS/client terminates 'for convenience'; and (ii) whether CCS can suspend an agreement 'for convenience' and then provide goods/services itself or buy them from a third party. Many thanks.
Please refer to clauses 10.4, 10.5 and 10.6
22/09/2021 12:13
7. For the DPSQ questions 115-121, do you require the registered office address or the trading address please?
Please provide your registered address as per companies house
22/09/2021 11:10
8. There are various obligations which could spill into other areas of the Agency business. Please could you provide clarification that the rights and obligations of the Agency as a party to the agreement (and its liability to CCS/Client) does not extend beyond the name that the Agency is trading as (as identified in the DPS Appointment Form) unless explicitly and separately identified.
CCS can confirm that the obligations are only relevant for services provided to clients through this agreement and in line with the terms and conditions of this DPS
22/09/2021 11:08
9. Hi. I think that I've completed the SQ but I cannot see anywhere whether this has been successful in terms of our registration as a supplier. Can you please confirm and, if not yet successful, tell me what I need to do in order to complete it. I can't can find any help documents to assist me. Many thanks.
CCS can confirm that you have not yet completed your application to the DPS. You are able to access it from the 'profiles tab' on your supplier registration service dashboard. Should you have further questions regarding the completion of your application, please contact the system service providers NQC for support. You can reach them via 'Contact Us' found in help at the top right corner of the system or emailing support@NQC.com
21/09/2021 11:18
10. Hi, we submitted questions 80-83 on Monday of this week, do you know when we might receive a reply? we're keen to progress but just need further clarification on these points first. Many thanks.
Assuming you mean questions 90 - 93, these are currently being considered and we will provide answer in due course
16/09/2021 16:43
11. Please can you clarify what type of information you require for the two contract examples. Is it simply what we do for nominated clients or should we provide a campaign example?
CCS requires you to only submit two contract examples. You do not need to address all of the services you are registering for within the contract example. In response to questions 55 and 58 you are required to describe how the performance of the contract example you have provided demonstrates one or more of the services within the Communications Marketplace Agreement.
16/09/2021 16:38
12. In Cyber Security Q6 it asks for suppliers to confirm they have Cyber Essentials at Q155 Yes/No. It states that a Yes is mandatory, however as we have Cyber Essentials Plus the correct response would be 'No'. Should there be an alternative option like at Q7 i.e. Not Applicable - I have Cyber Essentials Plus?
Thank you for raising this. Please select Yes to question 155 and then Yes to 156 as you have Cyber Essentials Plus.
16/09/2021 16:36
13. If the contract is ongoing (without a completion date) what date do we enter in response to Q 54 please?
CCS can confirm that the works described in the contract example must have concluded and have an end date in order to be considered
16/09/2021 16:35
14. Is it possible to have two different business profiles setup on the Marketplace if we share the same DUNS number? The reason is that we are part of a Group that is ultimately one business entity under one DUNS number, but we have different offers within our Group and would like to setup two different profiles in order to reflect the respective specialisms we offer.
A single entity, ie, a single DUNs number, cannot be assigned to multiple accounts on the Marketplace
16/09/2021 16:33
15. For both questions 4 and 104, please can you clarify if you require the registered office address or the trading address?
CCS can confirm that your regitered office address is required at questions 4 and 104
16/09/2021 16:32
16. The contract examples we wish to use are ongoing. What would you recommend we put for 'Contract Completion Date'?
CCS can confirm that the works described in the contract example must have concluded and have an end date in order to be considered
16/09/2021 16:31
17. Question 54 asks us to provide details of an example contract with a client that is relevant to this tender application. Where we work with a client across multiple projects, are we able to provide a description of our full remit and the capabilities we provide for them, or do we have to focus on a single project we have delivered for them?
CCS can confirm that you should provide evidence for a single contract that you have delivered that is relevant to the scope and scale of this DPS
16/09/2021 16:30
18. For the Standard Selection Questionnaire, can you please confirm for questions 4 and 104, if the address you require is our registered office address, or our trading address?
CCS can confirm that your registered office address is required at questions 4 and 104
16/09/2021 16:21
19. If we submit our response on 17th September, how soon would we know if we were included on the DPS?
If your application meets all requirements then you will automatically enter the agreeing stage where you will be notified to login and accept the terms and conditions of the DPS agreement. If there are any issues with your application then it will enter the Assessing stage where CCS will contact you to resolve.
15/09/2021 10:11
20. We are a B2B agency looking to break into the public sector. We believe that we can apply to join the DPS at any time and would like to evaluate the opportunities before applying. Where can they be viewed?
Organisations that can supply the services of the Communications Marketplace DPS can register as such on the supplier registration system. The DPS was created to provide central government and wider public sector organisations a route to procure against a wide range of marketping and communication services. You will find a full list on page 202 of attachment 6 in the Communications Marketplace bidpack found here; https://supplierregistration.cabinetoffice.gov.uk/dps#research As the DPS is a route to procure, CCS do not manage all tenders on the platform, and are at the discretion of buying organisations who choose to use the DPS. To learn more please read RM6124 Communications Marketplace Buyer Needs_v1.0.pdf in the bidpack.
14/09/2021 09:19
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