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Housing Maintenance and Repair


There are 2 clarifications for this DPS

1. Good Afternoon, We provide asbestos surveys and management, are we able to apply for this service only under this framework? We're slightly confused what level 1 and level 2 means on the services matrix? Thanks
"Yes you are able to provide asbestos surveys and management only under this agreement. Level 1 are the top level filters for the services that can be provided from suppliers e.g; 1. Planned Maintenance & Repair 2. Reactive Maintenance & Repair (Routine) 3. Reactive Maintenance & Repair (Emergency) 4. Compliance 5. Whole Home Retrofit 6. Housing Portfolio Management You can then specify from each of the level 1 filters at level 2, which specific services you can provide, e.g. Asbestos Surveys & Management Services may appear under more than one Level 1 or Top Filters. For more information, please refer to RM6241 Attachment 7 Bid Pack, DPS Schedule 1 - Specification"
22/11/2022 12:07
2. Please can you confirm how we complete and submit the selection questionnaire for this DPS? The supplier guide referenced does not appear to have been uploaded, and clicking through "access as a supplier" give us a link to create an entirely new selection questionnaire, not the SQ for this DPS. Thank you
Please refer to the bid pack file in which you will find a document called READ FIRST RM6241 - DPS Needs v1 which will guide you through the process on the Supplier Registration Service (SRS). Please read through all of the files to ensure that you are aware of all the necessary details regarding the framework.
14/11/2022 13:07

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