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There are 42 clarifications for this DPS

1. The bid pack README states that SQ qns 157 - 161 are not applicable and do not require a response. However we are unable to progress beyond these questions unless an answer is provided. How should we proceed?
This is not a part of the application and is not assessed, so please just select no to proceed. It will have no bearing on the application.
30/01/2023 09:07
2. Please can you provide a copy of DPS Schedule 7 (Order Procedure), which appears to be missing from the bid documents? We note that in the DPS Needs document you state that this schedule is to be completed by the Buyer but that appears to be inconsistent with the intent of the document, which sets out the order process that Buyers must follow, including the maximum weightings that they are permitted to apply in their award criteria. DPS Schedule 7 is included in the Grant Administration Services DPS and, as far as we are aware, all other CCS Frameworks and Dynamic Purchasing Systems.
DPS Schedule 7 should be included. We will update the bid pack immediately, thank you for flagging. The buyer must use this document to put forward the weightings for their competition, so it is to be used at ITT. We will update the bid pack immediately.
27/01/2023 14:33
3. We note that Order Schedule 22 (Lease Terms) has been included as an optional schedule. We wouldn't normally associate equipment leasing with services of this nature and would be grateful for some clarification as to why you think the leasing of equipment may be needed.
We have included all schedules within the Public Sector Contract (PSC). Whilst not all schedules may be relevant, and this one may not fit the typical services of this DPS, the option to include in the actual order contract with a buyer is at the buyers discretion. By including all possible PSC schedules, the buyer has the ability to use which schedules are relevant to their contract.
27/01/2023 14:31
4. How do we get back to our application? We have had to leave the questionnaire to complete the FVRA and upload later. But on going back into the questionnaire it is not bringing the FVRA viability assessment of the questionnaire up
The FVRA section is addressed from question 54 of the DPSQ section. Once you sign into the Supplier Registration platform, you are able to return to your partially completed selection questionnaire and continue. The FVRA template is found in the bid pack and can be completed offline. It is then uploaded as part of Q54 of the DPSQ.
25/01/2023 16:11
5. DPS Schedule 3 (DPS Pricing) states that DPS pricing will be fixed for the first 4 years following the DPS contract commencement date. Can you clarify what aspect of the pricing is fixed as supplies aren't being asked to provide rates, adn the margin increase percentage is set by the DPS
Any element of the pricing will be fixed until the 4 years is complete. For this agreement, the maximum margin percentage is fixed at that threshold for 4 years. After the 4 years, this may be reassessed.
23/01/2023 15:46
6. Please can you confirm who will supply rate cards at ITT stage (if required)? Would this be the approved organisation themselves? If so, how will the rates in the rate cards be determined?
Suppliers will provide a quote for required services at ITT stage. These would be outlined by the buyer within the ITT and specification. Prices are determined by the supplier when bidding, up to the 18% maximum margin threshold. These prices are then evaluated by the buyer.
23/01/2023 15:44
7. In the FVRA it asks for annual contract value. Is there any guidance on how we should answer this?
This does not need to be added by the supplier, as per the guidance note under the 'bidder instructions' tab of the FVRA template document.
23/01/2023 15:42
8. re previous, they system then says "minimum required documents 0" as reason why we cannot progress- but if the minimum is 0, why can we not progress to the next section?
please see previous answer.
18/01/2023 12:02
9. Regarding Clarification 18 confirming that 3 X contract examples are not required. So we have responded "no" accordingly at Qs 133, 134 and 135 However, at Q 179 At the "SQ Evidence Submission" stage of the PQ the system requires. "Upload documentary evidence for a list of relevant principal contracts for goods and/or services provided in the last three years" And Q180 requires: "Upload documentary evidence for a certificate for each principal contract for goods and/or services provided in the last three years" And Q181 requires: evidence for past performance information for any sub-contractors (or consortium members) who the supplier will rely upon to perform the contract. And it seems as if we cannot leave this blank as it does not permit us to leave/save this section without uploading a document?
Evidence for these questions don't correlate to Q133,134 and 135. They correlate to the past performance section (Q150 - Q154). If you answer yes to those questions then you must provide evidence of those.
18/01/2023 12:02
10. What is the difference in the carbon reduction plans outlined in questions 101 to 103 and then again in questions 107 to 108. For a single bidder (not part of a consortium) are these the same or different documents?
They are the same if you have one overaraching CRP plan for your organisation. If you have the required information for each question, please submit it, even if you are a single bidder.
16/01/2023 09:41
11. -DPS Schedule 3 Pricing, the last paragraph mentions: "where Annex 1 states that a particular maximum price or any component is "subject to Indexation" in which event Paragraph 6 below shall apply". Can CCS share an updated version of the Schedule as the current one does not contain a paragraph 6.
This was answered in an earlier clarification. The reference was there in error. There is no paragraph 6. It may be worth re-downloading the bid pack to ensure you have the most up-to-date version as DPS Schedule 3 - Pricing no longer has this reference.
16/01/2023 09:38
12. -DPS Schedule 4, DPS Management: paragraph 4.4 stipulates: "CCS reserves the right to use and publish the performance of the Supplier against the PIs without restriction" - can CCS please clarify where will this information be published.
CCS regularly publishes its agreement information if requested within a freedom of information request. Additionally, it may publish high level data within the public forum, such as financial reports, category strategies etc. As per that schedule, CCS can publish this information, relating to supplier performance on the CCS owned agreement, without restriction.
16/01/2023 09:33
13. -DPS Schedule 4, Management Levy and Information: we cannot access the MI Reporting Template - can this be shared with us.
This is in the bid pack. Attachment 7 - part 1 (general). Once in that folder, you will find this information under Attachment 2 - RM6322 FAADS Management Information (MI) Template.
16/01/2023 09:31
14. -DPS Joint Schedule 12, Key Subcontractors: we cannot access the Supply Chain Information Report template - can this be shared with us.
This is accessed in the bid pack. Attachment 7 - part 1 (general). Once you are in that folder, the file is Attachement 4 - Additional Sub Contractors. For a DPS, up to 30 sub contractors can be added directly within the selection questionnaire. Any over this amount are added, and submitted, via this attachment.
16/01/2023 09:30
15. In DPS Order Schedule 18 : Background Checks in 3.2. it notes the following: "3.2 Notwithstanding Paragraph 3.1 for each member of Supplier Staff who, in providing the Deliverables, has, will have or is likely to have access to children, vulnerable persons or other members of the public to whom the Buyer owes a special duty of care, the Supplier must (and shall procure that the relevant Sub-Contractor must): (a) carry out a check with the records held by the Department for Education (DfE); (b) conduct thorough questioning regarding any Relevant Convictions; and (c) ensure a police check is completed and such other checks as may be carried out through the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)," Can CCS please clarify what records are held by DFE and how these records are accessed?
DfE will hold various information and records which may be sensitive and, if needed for that specific requirement, may require background checks. This order schedule is classed as optional, and would only come into play if the buyer considered their requirement to have elements which would require supplier personnel to conform to background checks as outlined b this requirement. CCS would not hold, or have access, to this information. It would be agreed at contract agreement between the buyer and supplier; including the specifics of exactly what information the supplier required access to and how it would be accessed.
16/01/2023 09:29
16. Are you able to provide any update on the clarification question below? The issue still remains and means we are unsure whether we can submit our completed SQ without it: "Further to the question and your answer about the sub-contractor questions: We have answered Q21 as 'yes' to using sub-contractors and have completed details about that sub-contractor in Q22, but Q136 is still not appearing on the portal. Any help appreciated."
This is a technical error. If it is experienced please contact the CCS category team to look into this: fund@crowncommercial.gov.uk
12/01/2023 17:02
17. Please can you clarify what certificate /evidence you are looking for for the following question on the DPS? 180. Upload documentary evidence for a certificate for each principal contract for goods and/or services provided in the last three years
This is a certificate of performance for a contract for goods or services. This is evidence which would be have selected by you as one you can provide earlier in the questionnaire (Q160).
12/01/2023 11:46
18. For RM6172 suppliers submitted a rate card and then the 18% margin applied to these rates (as far we understand) - is that the same for RM6322? If not, what rates does the 18% margin stipulated in DPS Schedule 3 apply to?
RM6172 did not require a rate card, however we did apply ceiling rates and the Maximum margin percentage. Rate cards (if required) are supplied at ITT and this will still be the case under RM6322. All prices given at ITT whether rate card or other will have to adhere to a Maximum Margin Percentage of no more than 18%.
05/01/2023 11:14
19. DPS Schedule 4 refers to a PI regarding "Responsiveness to Invitation to Tenders: Responding to ITTs issued via the DPS on 95% of Order Procedures (within location or region)." Does this mean suppliers have to submit tender for 95% of the opportunities they receive? Or respond to 95% of opportunities either by submitting a response or letting the potential client know that they are unable to tender on this occasion?
Suppliers set their available services to customer types and contract sizes within the DPSQ. This can be changed at any time. Therefore, suppliers will only be invited to discuss tenders which should be within their appetite, as they have selected this in the DPSQ. As such, they should respond to at least 95% of them. A response could be that, on this occasion, you are unable to tender; however they should be within the suppliers appetite and capability as they have been filtered to the suppliers chosen services.
05/01/2023 11:12
20. Can you clarify how we complete the RM6322 DPSQ? We have clicked Access as a Buyer and it has given us the standard questionnaire to complete but not the specific RM6322 questions. Do we need to complete the standard SQ as relevant for the RM6322 application and then we'll be given access tot he RM6322 DPSQ?
You must scroll to the 'Fund Administration and Disbursement Services' DPS page on the DPS Marketplace website and then click 'access as a supplier'. You will first be asked to complete the standard SQ. Once this is completed, you will automatically be taken to the specific DPSQ for RM6322; but that will only happen if you have accessed this via clicking the 'access as a supplier' link under 'Fund Administration and Disbursement Services'.
05/01/2023 09:21

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