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There are 2 clarifications for this DPS

Can you please confirm that the supplied "Attachment 1 - Products and Services Matrix 1.0" is correct and applicable to this DPS as it is labelled RM6200 in sheet not RM6225.
We can confirm that the Attachment 1 - Products and Services Matrix is correct and applicable to this DPS. The wrong RM reference was quoted in v1.0, this should have said RM6225. We have uploaded a revised version (v1.1) to the Bid Pack.
18/02/2021 13:14
Paragraph/Section 73 of the README FIRST RM6225 Audio Visual Technical Consultancy & Commissioning v1.0 pdf document advises we are not required to submit responses to Supplier Questionnaire questions 133, 134 and 135. Can you please confirm we do not need to provide a response to the related Question 137?
We can confirm that you do not need to submit a response to Question 137.
18/02/2021 13:13
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