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There are 44 clarifications for this DPS

2478. We have noted the publication of this in the Find a Tender Service. As an existing supplier on this framework please could CCS advise what steps if any are required. Kind regards
The RM6095 Gigabit Capable Connectivity commercial agreement has been extended to 24/09/2025 and an extension notice, which will need to be signed and returned, is due to be sent out to all appointed suppliers to formalise this process.
09/03/2023 11:21
2477. Can CCS confirm the total value of contracts awarded through this DPS since it went live?
Thank you for your interest in the Gigabit Capable Connectivity commercial agreement. To date (7.3.2023) the agreement has had roughly £76m worth of orders since going live back in September 2019.
09/03/2023 11:20
2279. Framework does not include a specific provision related to wayleaves required to provide services. Could this be included in next update so that parties can be prompted to discuss responsibilities /timescales/process and costs?
Thank you for your feedback in regards to wayleaves. CCS will take this into consideration with any further iterations of a Gigabit Capable Connectivity commercial agreement. We shall also consider this in any conversations we have with our customers to highlight whether this needs to be looked at in individual procurement activities.
08/11/2022 15:39
2123. Are Gigabit capable connectivity services that are not fibre-based i.e. Gigabit capable Mesh Wireless, allowed under this DPS?
Yes, any form of connectivity can be used as long as they are gigabit capable.
24/05/2022 14:31
2163. We have noticed the Core Terms 11.2 the liability Cap is set at £5m is this a mistake? For reference NS2 and Cyber Security 3 the liability cap is set at £1m.
CCS can confirm that there is no mistake in the Core Terms. The Public Sector Contract is structured in that Core Terms are common to all agreements and Special Terms which are detailed in the DPS Appointment Form are used to make amendments specific to a particular DPS. For the Gigabit Capable Connectivity DPS the DPS Appointment Form includes Special Term 10 which amends the Core Terms Clause 11.2 reducing the liability cap from £5 million to £1 million. Additionally a Buyer may change the £1 million cap on liability in the Order Form after they have made an appropriate risk assessment. The DPS Appointment Form is available in the Bid Pack.
04/04/2022 08:20
1492. Good afternoon In clarification you have confirmed that HSCN, PSN and Cyber Essentials Plus are not mandatory. Questions 49 & 51 require me to tick which of these our company have and there is no option for NA or to bypass these. Without ticking one of these I am unable to complete the application. Can you please advise? Kind regards
You have selected the following options within the first filter question within your application: Broadband Connectivity Services and Managed Infrastructure Services. These 3 options have sub-level service options within which you are then asked to select the options that you are able to provide within the selected service types. Because you have selected 'Broadband Connectivity Services', the following sub-level service options available to select are: • PSN (Public Services Network) Compliant services • HSCN (Health and Social Care Network) Compliance in line with the HSCN Obligations Framework • Cyber Essentials Plus Because you have also selected 'Managed Infrastructure Services', you will also then be asked to select if you can provide: • Cyber Essentials Plus As these are the filter questions, these are mandatory for suppliers to select at least one of the sub-level service options if a main Service Type has been selected. If you cannot provide any of these you will have to go back and un-select the option from the main Service Type filter question.
09/04/2021 14:56
1263. Please can you confirm it there is a template for "Q180. Upload documentary evidence for a certificate for each principal contract for goods and/or services provided in the last three years" or what information is required?
As outlined in the document titled 'READ FIRST RM6095 - DPS Needs V1.1' which forms part of the bid pack, there are questions in the Selection Questionnaire that are not applicable for this RM6095 Gigabit Capable Connectivity procurement. Therefore please note, a response is NOT required to these questions and Q180 is included in this list.
27/10/2020 11:52
1188. May I ask if the distance provided (in miles) for the geographical location of services provided can be changed/increased throughout the life of the DPS?
As per page 20 in the 'READ FIRST RM6095 - DPS Needs V1.0.pdf' document that can be found in the Bid Pack on the DPS Marketplace: 'You are able to update your responses as described in the sections below, however please be aware that all bidders who update their Service requirements will re-enter into the 'assessing' stage, to enable us to monitor changes to submissions to ensure an effective audit trail. Once you have completed the update answers process, we will contact you by email from info@crowncommercial.gov.uk to confirm approval of the requested change and to advise that your status is in 'agreeing' stage. You are then required to complete an electronic sign off within the supplier registration service portal as directed. Following completion of above, your status will revert to 'appointed'.
01/06/2020 09:27
1014. Good Afternoon, Please can you advise if there are any details made publc around the volume of spend broken down by solution/service type for this Framework? Many thanks
Details of the GCC Pipeline can be found within the RM6095 Supplier webinar DCMS 29/01/20 slides. These are available on the Gigabit Capable Connectivity DPS page on the CCS Website under Documents.
09/03/2020 18:49
962. SQ Question 19. Are you bidding as the lead contract for a group of economic operators? Where we procure nationwide infrastructure from large wholesalers or public organisations as part of the backbone of the service, and we accept responsibility for the overall service....1. do we still list them as Sub-Contractors? 2. If we are not planning, or able to form legal entities with these providers, what would the answer to the legal structure question be? 3. Does this still constitute us as the lead bidder in a Group of Economic Operators?
A group of economic operators describes a consortium, which would be multiple parallel suppliers, albeit it with one acting as contractual lead. The relationship described here is a Supplier XXXX and Key Sub-Contractor XXXX arrangement.
04/03/2020 18:08
965. Our company qualifies for an audit exemption in line wiht the current rules. We can provide unaudited accounts for previous periods and we could provide audited accounts for future periods. Will this go against us in any regard, particularly in our ability to enter onto the DPS and our ability to win contracts of any size?
Financial accounts are only required in the event a supplier fails to meet the financial threshold score detailed in the READ First DPS Needs document at page 11 entitled Economic and Financial Standing.
14/02/2020 08:24
947. Many of the services to be provided will rely on the services of a wholesale infrastructure provider. There are significant gaps between the terms of the DPS and that provided by the Wholesale Infrastructure Provider with no ability for a Supplier to flow changes to these terms either way to mitigate these gaps. For example Late Delivery is classed as a Default, whereas delivery is only offered on the basis of reasonable endeavours by the wholesale infrastructure provider. This places the Supplier in an unreasonable position. Can CCS advise on how this imbalance of risk is will be addressed.
The terms within the DPS contract have been developed after consultation with potential buyers and with industry and are based on the standard Public Sector Contract. As such they reflect standard government terms and are very similar to the terms contained in other procurement routes including RM6103 (Education services), RM3808 (Network Services 2) and RM3825 (HSCN Access Services) contracts. These terms include the provision for a Buyer to set a Delay Payment to establish a pre-agreed limit on liability for late delivery of specific milestones. This is an optional feature of the commercial terms and in some cases Buyers may choose not to exercise this option and in any event it is anticipated that this would not exceed the value of the milestone in question. The contract also allows for survey activity, unexpected engineering difficulties and buyer responsibilities to mitigate delay payment risks. Where a Buyer does include a pre-determined delay payment approach for late delivery, this will reflect the importance of credible delivery proposals from Suppliers and will be necessary to ensure a level playing field when evaluating implementation timescales from multiple suppliers. Additionally, delivery will be in the Supplier's control to manage through implementation planning, milestone definition and management of the supply chain. Suppliers are primarily responsible for their supply chain as stated in the Core Terms at clause 23.5 "The Supplier remains responsible for all acts and omissions of the Supplier Staff [which includes sub-contractors] as if they were its own." The extent to which a Supplier may be able to flow the risk of delay down to delivery partners or manage this risk on behalf of the Buyer as a Professional Service will be of interest to Buyers during the evaluation of Supplier Proposals for a given procurement.
10/02/2020 15:03
946. Eligible Costs - Please can CCS and / or DCMS confirm the position with regards to margin that suppliers can apply to the products and services provided under the DPS and eligible under DCMS BDUK grants. In particular clarity is sought to understand that suppliers are able to apply their usual commercial model to apply margin against all costs incurred, including those from a wholesale infrastructure provider or third-party supplier (as would be consistent with any other purchasing / supply mechanism).
The DPS contract does not include Eligible Costs as a defined term. DPS Schedule 3 provides suppliers with information about how the contract price might be constructed and the level of transparency required by the Buyer. It is understood that any Grant Agreement between DCMS and a Buyer might include additional restrictions on what may or may not be funded by DCMS but this is independent of and not directly related to how a Supplier might choose to develop any Order Contract Charges. Where Buyers are making use of DCMS funding and this has conditions attached, this will be made clear in any tender documentation by the Buyer.
10/02/2020 14:56
903. I am having trouble with my DPS application, how can I contact someone at CCS?
Please email info@crowncommercial.gov.uk or call 0345 410 2222 quoting RM6095 Gigabit Capable Connectivity DPS and a member of our team will respond to you as soon as possible. For any technical issues with the DPS platform please use the 'Contact Us' link to contact NQC at the bottom of the DPS platform website.
22/01/2020 15:42
898. Can CC confirm the process for suppliers who wish to add a service type after securing an initial place on the DPS (for example on day 1 secure a place on service type 2 but in a few months time whish to add service types 1 and 3).
CCS can confirm that the process for suppliers to update their service offering can be located in the READ First DPS Needs document in the bid pack, following on from point 25.
20/01/2020 15:55
895. We note that several suppliers have now been appointed to the DPS. However, it is not clear which lots each supplier has been appointed to. Please can you confirm where this information is published?
CCS can confirm that there are no Lots on the DPS, and suppliers confirm as part of their DPS submission which service offering they can provide. CCS do not share this information for RM6095.
17/01/2020 15:18
892. How long is the DPS questionnaire?
There is 2x significant parts to the DPS overarching Selection Questionnaire (SQ), the 'Standard SQ' and the DPSQ, the DPSQ is procurement specific and details the service filter related questions which align with the service filters as detailed in Attachment 1 - Gigabit and Capable Connectivity Service Filters. When you have completed the standard SQ in Registered 1, you must complete the DPSQ in Registered 2 of the DPS journey to finalise the overall SQ and enter into 'Agreeing' stage, where you will need to accept the DPS Terms and Conditions as detailed in the READ First DPS Needs document (Points 15 and 16). Once you have completed this action you will become 'Appointed' to the DPS. This is only when buyers will have access to your organisation's service offerings, in accordance with their competition requirements. Please refer to Attachment 6 - Selection Questionnaire (Information Only) document within the bid pack to view all selection questions.
15/01/2020 12:24
891. Where can I find the full instructions to support this DPS, proving all details on how to submit my DPS Selection Questionnaire?
CCS can confirm that suppliers should access the DPS bid pack at the 'Bid Pack' link in the Supplier Registration Service' (SRS) for RM6095, and before commencing your DPS submission, please read the all bid pack documents, starting with the 'READ First DPS Needs document' which details the full requirements and instructions on how to complete your DPS submission.
15/01/2020 12:24
841. Can CCS please clarify the following questions pertaining to access requirements in respect to "DPS Schedule 1 - Specification" section "3.3.3 Access to Telecommunication Infrastructure". a. The Supplier shall provide the necessary telecommunication infrastructure to facilitate the connectivity requirements of the Buyer between the pairs of Buyer Sites to include: i. A clear and unobstructed ducted route between the two Buyer Sites as per the Supplier Solution; CQ - Where the Managed Infrastructure is a fibre service provided to the Buyer, this will be provisioned through Supplier owned duct infrastructure. In this scenario we see this stipulation as inapplicable. Can CCS please confirm this is the case? ii. Duct access, either through chambers, footway boxes or such other access method as documented in the Supplier Solution; CQ - Where the Managed Infrastructure is a fibre service provided to the Buyer, access to the telecommunication infrastructure would be at the termination/demarcation end-points only. As the Supplier is responsible for the provision and subsequent maintenance of the Managed Fibre Infrastructure, there should be no reason for the Buyer or their representative to access the duct and associated chambers. Can CCS please confirm this is the case? iii. Such access to be provided every 200m or such other distance as documented in the Supplier Solution; CQ - Where the Managed Infrastructure is a fibre service provided to the buyer, access to the telecommunication infrastructure would be at the termination/demarcation end-points only. As the Supplier is responsible for the provision and subsequent maintenance of the Managed Fibre Infrastructure there should be no reason for the Buyer to stipulate the chamber access distance. Can CCS please confirm this is the case? iv. Access to one or more fibre pairs along the route between each pair of sites as required by the Order Contract; CQ - Where the Managed Infrastructure is a fibre service to the buyer, access to the fibre pairs would be at the termination/demarcation end-points only. As the Supplier is responsible for the provision and subsequent maintenance of the Managed Fibre Infrastructure there should be no reason for the Buyer or their representative to access fibre pairs along the route. Can CCS please confirm this is the case?
The exact nature of the services provided, including the access armaments, will be agreed between the buyer and the supplier during the ordering process. The requirements will be captured in the Order Contract and the nature of the solution will be described in the Supplier Solution as proposed by the Supplier in response to the order. The supplier will be expected to clarify exactly what is proposed (and can be provided) in terms of access to the infrastructure in this response document. This might include access to a 'fibre product' in some cases and might include access to physical infrastructure in other cases. Once the infrastructure is in place, access will be governed by the terms of the Right or Use agreed between the Buyer and the Supplier.
14/01/2020 09:53
840. The link in the DPS question below does not appear to work: 3. Please self-certify that your organisation and/or any of your Group of Economic Operators and/or proposed Key Sub-Contractors will comply with the "Supplier Code of Conduct" as detailed in the guidance in the following link? Supplier Code of Conduct February 2019
Please utilse the URL below by cpoying and pasting into your search bar: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/supplier-code-of-conduct
19/12/2019 13:33

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