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There are 136 clarifications for this DPS

1. Hello, I understand that we are required to have employer's liability insurance. However, as a team of 3 co-founders, we do not actually employ anyone. How flexible is this requirement? Thank you
Please can you confirm if you are exempt under the Employers' Liability (Compulsory Insurance) Act 1969 and if so under which reason.
20/10/2022 16:10
2. There is a prior information notice CS22415 that requires me to register on DPS first. The opportunity becomes live on Oct 17th. Do I need to register on the DPS before this date, or can I still access the opportunity if I don't register on the DPS until after this date (but before opportunity closes)?
The additional text on the notice states: 'Only suppliers registered on the Standard off the Shelf Training Courses, Coaching & Mentoring and Leadership & Management Learning Category will be invited on the day on launch' So you would need to appointed onto the DPS, on the 17th October to participate.
14/10/2022 11:53
3. Hello - It shows on my Dashboard that I have now been Appointed as a supplier (since Monday 3rd October). However, I cannot see my organisation on the list of appointed suppliers for Learning and Training Services?
This may be a technical issue: you can call NQC (our service provider) on 0161 413 7982 or via email on Support@nqc.com .
06/10/2022 16:54
4. If we want to add a subcontractor, do we do this when responding to a specific opportunity by including schedule 6, or do we have to register the new subcontractor in advance of responding to the opportunity?
Yes, you would include them on Schedule 6 when responding to a specific opportunity.
16/09/2022 15:30
5. We are a member of a group of companies with an intermediate and ultimate parent companies. As such the Person of Significant Control (PSC) recorded at Companies House is our intermediate parent, and in turn the PSC recorded for them is the ultimate parent company. We would therefore be grateful if you could confirm whether we should provide details of the intermediate parent company as recorded at Companies House or the PSCs for the ultimate parent company in the Persons of Significant Control section. Thanks
This question should be answered with the bidding entities information only
12/09/2022 09:42
6. Whilst we employ apprentices, as a SME, we will not be bidding for contracts in scope for PPN14/15 (i.e. >£10m and we do not intend to use a supply chain to deliver). We would therefore be grateful if you could confirm if questions 144-146 in Part 3 (Skills and Apprentices) apply to us, or whether they are mandatory.
Questions 144-146 are not mandatory so if they do not apply, you can leave them blank.
09/09/2022 08:06
7. We note that the DPS Core Terms must be accepted in their entirety as part of the application on to the DPS. Is a Buyer permitted to agree amendments to the Core Terms with a successful bidder at Order Contract stage, following a call for competition under the DPS Agreement, if such amendments are appropriate/ necessary for a particular service provision?
Yes that is correct.
18/08/2022 14:39
8. To support us in assessing resourcing and product selection, are CCS able to provide data on the types of services most often procured, and the types of public sector entities that most often utilise the framework?
Unfortunately as there is no obligation to post on the DPS any contract award notices, the only information we receive are from Supplier MI Returns and these vary in detail.
16/08/2022 13:42
9. Good Afternoon, Is the SOTS Pricing Matrix the only pricing document that need to be completed or are there any others Pricing Matrix such as Bespoke Training? Also, on the SOTS Pricing are you referring to price per day or per course? Thank you,
Yes that is correct, there are no other matrices to complete. With regards price per day or per course, you are free to state either on the matrix.
18/07/2022 16:07
10. Please can the Authority confirm what the role of the DPS Agreement Manager entails?
The DPS Agreement manager is your nominated contact who will receive notifications from the system. For example advising you of any changes to the T&C, Bid Pack or updating your service offerings.
17/06/2022 12:09
11. Could CCS please confirm if SQ questions under the heading "Part 3: NHS Requirements apply to this DPS? In the SQ document within the Bid Pack the final SQ questions are regarding Cyber Essentials, however we have clicked continue and have an additional page of questions to answer as below: Part 3: NHS Requirements You are 86% through this questionnaire This section gathers information required from organisations applying for NHS and health related contracts in the public sector. 158. Does your organisation provide temporary labour to the health sector? Yes No 159. Is your organisation a member of The Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC)? Yes No 160. Is your organisation a member of any other Professional/Trade Association? Yes No 161. Does your organisation have a fully comprehensive occupational health screening service in place? Yes (additional questions requiring attachments appear if Yes is selected for this question) No
No these questions are not relevant, so please ignore.
12/04/2022 07:54
12. Hi, ELS have recently completed the application for RM6219. It advises that we are now 'Qualified'. Can you advise what that means please? On the back of that despite having 'Qualified' status we are required to complete additional questions. Can you advise if these questions are mandatory please?
Qualified is the final stage before being Appointed. As per the READ FIRST RM6219 - DPS Needs document contained within the bid pack (page 24), you need to complete the prospectus(es) in relation to your service offering, as this is what customers export when assessing potential providers. This is mandatory, yes.
11/04/2022 11:09
13. Although our status is showing as Appointed we have received a message asking us to upload pricing, which we did as part of the original submission. Please can you advise how we check that our pricing and brochures are showing as uploaded?
Apologies this seems to be a system error. Please ignore.
06/04/2022 10:20
14. We have been accepted. Can you please tell us how to access the page to upload: Our insurance certificates? Our accounts? Our accounts?
You are at the Qualified stage so once you have completed the prospectus information depending on your service offering you will be asked to submit your evidence.
23/03/2022 13:56
15. Hello, We as Capita have already been successfully registered and listed on the DPS for learning and Training services last year. But to our knowledge recently, we noticed that the status of our registration on the dashboard is showing as " Qualified" . Can you please confirm if we need to do something again on that. Thanks, Capita Team
Your application is now back to qualified and you will need to agree/sign the T and C to show as appointed on SRS.
23/03/2022 13:52
16. Where the authority asks for documentary evidence to demonstrate our processes support PPN 14/15, what would a training provider be expected to provide for this?
This would be for you to demonstrate where applicable, how your current training policy, including any policy on apprenticeships, supports developing and maintaining your employees skills required under the contract.
18/03/2022 16:17
17. Relating to the SOTS pricing matrix- Please can you clarify where we will find the infomration to populate column B please (Subject Area)?
The subject area is the Learning Category, as detailed in Appendix 1 - RM6219 Learning and Training Services DPS Filter Matrix in the Customer Needs document within the Bid Pack
14/03/2022 13:51
18. With regards to providing a link to our Quality Assurance report (Q79, Generic Learning and Training Prospectus Template), please could you confirm whether it is a report, or a policy you require as previous clarification responses suggest it may not be a report?
It can be either, if you have an assurance report that you are able to share with customers, please use that. If not please include a link to your policy.
10/03/2022 09:20
19. In response to question 180 of the SQ Evidence Submission section, can the Authority clarify if there is a certificate template available? Or what type of certificate they are expecting to see evidenced.
Q179 - Q181 are not required for this DPS, please mark N/A
07/03/2022 16:53
20. In response to questions 179 of the SQ Evidence Submission section, can the Authority clarify what they mean by 'principle contract' and if there is a value threshold for these?
Q179 - Q181 are not required for this DPS, please mark N/A
07/03/2022 16:53

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