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There are 7 clarifications for this DPS

1. Within the Financial Viability section we are requested to upload 3 years of company accounts, however, there appears to be a file size limit of 4.77mb. Our accounts exceed this limit and the system is therefore preventing us from proceeding beyond this point. Can you please therefore advise how we can upload our accounts. Thank you
Please compress the file and upload it in .zip format.
18/01/2023 15:29
2. Good afternoon, I hope you are well. Please explain or tell me where to find the information to calculate the Management Levy?
More information can be found in RM6264 DPS Schedule 5 - Management Levy and Information. The management levy is 1% for this agreement. Further information is also contained within DPS Core Terms and within the watermarked RM6264 DPS Appointment Form.
18/01/2023 15:23
3. Please could you confirm whether services are able to be added to our capability over time. Our business is growing and developing new services, so we would like to include these as they become market available.
Suppliers can update the services, building type, location and annual contract value filters at anytime once onboarded to the DPS. The process is detailed in READ FIRST RM6264 - DPS Needs: 'Updating Answers in the Dynamic Purchasing System Questionnaire (DPSQ)' section.
18/01/2023 15:18
4. Moring, can you please advise if attachments are required for responses to questions 177, 178 and 179 are required as within the text it states that these are self certify questions and if successful at award, these will then be requested? Can you please confirm if this is requested at this stage. Thanks
The Supplier Evidence Submission stage of the Standard Selection Questionnaire (Q166 - 185) is completed if a Buyer has requested evidence. It is not part of the initial application and has been included in the pdf for information.
12/01/2023 08:29
5. Reference - attachment 1, tab "Filter 1 services". Are suppliers able to pick which services in column B under each filter that they can bid for e.g. can you bid to supply only 2 services listed under "Miscellaneous FM Services" or, to bid for that filter would you need to provide all services listed in column B?
Suppliers are able to pick the services they can deliver. This can be a single service, more than one service or all services.
21/12/2022 10:28
6. Morning, Can you please advise if the SQ and DPSQ is available within excel to download as opposed to a pdf document? Many thanks
The SQ and DPSQ are only available to download in pdf format.
19/12/2022 10:39
7. Afternoon, We are a specialist fire extinguisher and fire door inspection company and cannot provide all of Work Package 'Maintenance Services'. Can you please clarify if you must submit a bid for the entire package? Can you please confirm this would be the correct category for the service we provide? Thank you in advance.
Suppliers do not need to offer all the services listed under Maintenance Services. Fire services are referenced in Maintenance Services and Statutory Obligations / Compliance Services with further information available in RM6264 Schedule 1 - Specification.
15/12/2022 14:24

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