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139. Dear Spark DPS,We are newcomers to the UK market, having established a strong presence in 800 hospitals across France. As we venture into the UK market, our commitment to ensuring compliance is of utmost importance, which is why we are enthusiastic about Spark DPS. One of the key criteria that has caught our attention is "ATTACHMENT 8 - LETTER OF CONFIRMATION OF WORKS" along with a case study template.We find ourselves in a challenging situation. Currently, we do not have a UK customer under contract. In this regard, we are seeking your guidance on whether our extensive experience and contract references from our operations in France can be considered in meeting this particular criterion. Additionally, we have previously engaged with a private provider, although the project did not go live. Would it be acceptable to use this as an example?We would greatly appreciate your advice on how best to navigate this situation.Thank you for your assistance.
Any provision of your service is acceptable, as long as it's a live deployment. This can include pilot phases and can be from an international customer and from the private sector.
16/10/2023 16:23
138. How do you upload a Cyber security certificate within the dashboard?
you need to answer 'yes' under question 155 of the application - 'does your organisation have cyber essentials certification'. Once you have answered yes you should see the option to upload your certificate.
21/09/2023 23:31
137. As part of the application for RM6094, we are required to complete "Attachment 8 - Letter of Confirmation of Works (Contract Example) v1" which requires "Wet Signatures" for both the customer and bidder to physically sign on paper with a pen. Since we are based in the UK and the customer is based in the USA, obtaining physical wet signatures is logistically difficult. Therefore, can we leave the "Wet Signature" fields blank and provide "Print Signature" digitally. Please confirm.
In this case a print signature is acceptable
22/09/2023 15:05
136. Dear Sir / Madam, As part of the application on RM6094 we are requirement complete "Attachment 8 - Letter of Confirmation of Works (Contract Example) v1" where it requires "Wet Signatures" for both the customer and bidder to physically sign on the paper with a pen. We are based in the UK and the customer to sign is based in the USA. Therefore, can we leave "Wet Signature" fields blanks and provide the "Print Signature". Kindest Regards
In this case a print signature is acceptable
22/09/2023 15:04
135. Hi there, is there any scope for the Supplier to raise any deviations to the Terms & Conditions as part of our response? If so, at what point of the process between submitting the SQ+DPSQ and signing a call-off agreement with a buyer would we able to raise these? Thank you.
Suppliers cannot change the T&C's at either framework or call-off level. Customers can amend some terms within the Call-Off contract at the further competition stage.
08/09/2023 16:42
134. Is it necessary to upload financial/economic documentation for Q's 166-172 if we can provide our latest financial report via the official companies house link and pdf document?
We only need additional Finacial and Economic information if your current DUNS Score is below 60. In this case we will ask you for it when we asses your application.
08/09/2023 16:41
133. Hi, In Attachment 7, for the contract example, it states that "Example provided must relate to contracts performed during the past 18 months, *from obtaining DPS appointed status* to be valid as evidence for this procurement" and "Customer contact provided must not have been employed or appointed by your organisation, or from within your associated group of companies, within the past 18 months prior *from obtaining DPS appointed status* on RM6094 to be valid" Both of which suggest that we will first be appointed on to the DPS, and then provide a contract example. However, the ITT states that it is necessary to provide a contract example to be appointed on to the DPS. Can you confirm the meaning of these clauses? And, can you confirm when a contract example needs to have been performed? Within the last 18 months from now (applying), within 18 months of the DPS opening (April 2019), or provided after appointment?
The contract example does need to be provided in order to be appointed. Both examples refer to the past 18 months. So within the prior 18 months of the application
25/08/2023 15:17
132. Many of the clarification responses state that the SQ Evidence Submission section is non-mandatory, however I cannot proceed without uploading all the requested documents. Please can you clarify whether all the documents must be uploaded. Also, please could you clarify what the "submitting" status means?
Within the Bid Pack available at the below link there is some guidance on excluded questions. In regards to "submitting" status and navigation I would need to direct you to our collegaues at support@nqc.com https://supplierregistration.cabinetoffice.gov.uk/dps?fh=1
28/04/2023 13:50
131. Q14 states: Does any individual have significant control (greater than 25% share capital) over the organisation i.e. a Person of Significant Control (PSC)? If the PSC is a company, not an individual person, how should we answer question 14, as Q15 does not allow us to enter company details as a PSC.
The response does need to include the details of a person of significant control, rather than a company
21/04/2023 13:16
130. Good Morning - we raised the following question on 24th Mch but do not appear to have received a response? We are in the process of applying under the SPARK DPS and wanted to clarify what you deem to be 'equivalent' for the following requirements: BS EN ISO 9001 "Quality Management System" standard or equivalent. BS EN ISO 14001 Environmental Management System standard or equivalent. ISO 27001 Information Security Management standard or equivalent.
If you don't have these specific requirements then the best bet would be to get in touch to discuss what you do have ahead of applying and we can decide if they are equivalent not. info@crowncommercial.gov.uk
06/04/2023 15:56
129. Can you clarify what the deadline date is for applying to join SPARK, we understood the contract was until April 2025 and therefore could apply anytime up to that point?
Suppliers can join up to the point where the agreement closes. The agreement closes 15/04/2025
27/03/2023 13:47
127. Our organisation doesn't have cyber essentials or cyber essentials plus and we don't have any plans to apply as we already have SOC2 controls in place. We have a document that maps the Cyber Essential controls to our organisations SOC2 controls that we're happy to share. It states our application for Spark will be rejected if we don't state we're going to be onboarding CE or CEP, how should we respond if we already have strong security measures in place?
It is a requirement for all suppliers to have Cyber Essentials in place before they enter into their first call-off contract under Spark. There is no provision for alternatives to be offered.
13/03/2023 16:08
126. Good Morning. We are planning to supply an AI medical technology consisting of an AI software supporting lung endoscopic navigation, which is placed on the market together with its dedicated hardware. The software and the hardware are non-separable (i.e. shall be provided as a system) since the hardware is part of the Regulatory Approval (CE marking) of the system. The hardware is the PC running the software and providing for the data connection with the other Operating Room imaging equipment that provides real-time images that are processed by the AI software to provide support to the Healthcare professional in catheter/device navigation during pulmonary procedures. Does the SPARK DPS apply to the system?
Yes that will be fine, as long the correct filters are selected
23/02/2023 16:43
125. Question 75 requests us to tick our security classification either Offical or Above Official. Our contracts do not require this level of security so we have not applied for this level of security clearance. How do I answer this question to move on to the remaining questions when the system requires a box to be ticked?
If you are not Above Official you are Official. If you click Official you will be able to move on
27/01/2023 11:39
124. Is there a deadline for submission to be awarded onto the framework?
Suppliers can join up to the point where the agreement closes. The agreement closes 15/04/2023
06/09/2022 11:53
123. Hi,we are expert provider of emerging technology advsiroy/discovery services for procurement and supply chain capability? can we fit in to SPARK DPS? or you must have a technology to sale?
Spark is designed to support public sector customers with delivering innovative technology solutions to support their requirements. As the supplier you would need to be able to provide the technology solution which falls under one of sparks areas of innovation.
13/07/2022 10:37
122. Are buyers able to Direct Award to a Supplier on the SPARKS DPS?
Buyers are unable to direct award through the SPARK DPS. The route to market would be through further competition only
18/05/2022 09:18
121. As a US based company do we require to have a UK Company Registration Number to complete an application to join Spark DPS?
CCS can confirm, if you do not have a Company Registration Number, you can use zeros for completing this question. Any further issues, please refer to support@nqc.com
22/04/2022 13:38
120. F02: Contract notice Notice reference: 2022/S 000-007068 Published 15 March 2022, 10:45pm Dear Sir or Madam, Could you please clarify if suppliers which are currently listed on SPARK RM6094, must (re-)submit their (previous) tender by 15/04/2022 if they wish to stay listed on SPARK beyond its current expiry date 15/04/2023? Thank you. I look forward to hearing from you. Yours sincerely
CCS can confirm that suppliers will not be required to resubmit there DPS Application, instead the DPS will remain open for the extended time frame. Bidders are able to submit new or amend previously submitted DPS applications as normal, via the Supplier Registration System dashboard.
21/03/2022 09:24
119. In the call-of-contract (schedule 4 of the bid pack), section 35.6.1 indicates that supplier is always a processor, which can't always be the case. Should it say for "personal data provided by the Authority"? The definition for the "Customer's Confidential Information" says "all Personal Data". However, we do not understand how this can be the case if the personal data is the Supplier's.
The clause is worded correctly. However in a situation where the processor/controller are different the customer could use additional terms to support this.
09/09/2021 14:23

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