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There are 47 clarifications for this DPS

61. Grateful if you could confirm the Management Levy % payable on this FW.
The management levy for this DPS framework is 1% (one per cent)
22/11/2023 11:28
60. Is it possible to receive a copy of the D&B Financial Score assigned to our organization (or a copy of the report you received)? Is it possible to schedule a brief call to discuss the Carbon Reduction Plan requirement and it's relevancy to US operations?
Copy of D & B financial report emailed to the supplier on 24th Octover 2023. Commercial Agreement Manger for the DPS provided guidance document to the supplier ref CRP.
22/01/2024 14:44
51. In which document is the evaluation criteria for this procurement?
Please refer to the bid pack 'Read First' document within: https://supplierregistration.cabinetoffice.gov.uk/dps
24/10/2023 15:40
50. Regarding Q. 155, if we are in the process of obtaining Cyber Essentials Certification, and will have it in place before the commencement of any service provision, are we able to respond "Yes" to this question and reflect this positive response in the related questions in the DPS Registration questionnaire (Q. 5 - 8) of the Space & Geospatial Services Framework?
For a supplier to be appointed onto the DPS, they are required to have and then maintain their Cyber Essentials accreditation for the entirety of the time they are on the DPS. We would advise that the supplier should wait until they have their Cyber Essentials accreditation before they apply to join the DPS. If a supplier does not have the accreditation then they should not answer yes to the question as that is inaccurate.
08/11/2022 09:48
49. I am applying for RM6235 -Space Enabled & Geospatial Services Dynamic Purchasing System Agreement. I've looked in the documentation, but I can't find any guidance on question 180: 'Upload documentary evidence for a certificate for each principal contract for goods and/or services provided in the last 3 years'. Can you provide guidance on what is expected of such a certificate and what it should contain?
Question 180 is related to question 150; "Can you supply a list of your relevant principal contracts for goods and/or services provided in the last three years?" Question 180 is asking for the evidence required for question 150. Further information for what is required in this certificate can be found in Procurement Policy Note 04/15 (Taking Account of Supplier's Past Performance) which you can access on the gov.uk website through this link: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/procurement-policy-note-0415-taking-account-of-suppliers-past-performance
30/09/2022 10:15
48. Because be supply a wide range of services, we may use subcontractors depending on the specific service requirement. As such we would appreciate clarification on where we list the subcontractors i.e. a) do we need to provide a list of every single, possible subcontractor on the SQ we may use now and in the future irrespective of the specific requirement published through the framework or, b) do we provide these within the DPSQ or, c) are they listed on a specific proposal?
Thank you for your question. Providing the details of your subcontractors now may be simpler so that they can be assessed at the same time as your application. However, you may wish to leave this blank if you do not have the details of your preferred subcontractors. Subcontractors may be added and amended to the DPS once appointed. Please note that where there is a requirement to add, remove or amend a Key Subcontractor that this shall be done in line with Joint Schedule 6 (Key Subcontractors)
30/09/2022 10:14
47. Is it essential for suppliers to have all the ISO standard certifications as listed on page 14 of the 'RM6235 Buyer Needs v1' document? ISO standards aren't mentioned as part of the selection criteria in the 'Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) Needs' document.
Meeting the ISO standards is a 'good to have' element of the DPS. These are not mandatory. However ISO standards should not be used to replace other mandatory requirements of the DPS.
19/07/2022 10:08
45. We would like to confirm your position on Parent Company Guarantee. We will not be able to provide such a Guarantee for the Framework or any Call-Off Contract. Will this be an issue? Thank you
It is not an issue that you don't have a parent company guarantor. The only reason we may ask if you have one, is if your D&B financial risk score is below the threshold for the DPS.
06/07/2022 11:03
44. Hi, We have the following questions: 1.Your question is: "154. Can you supply the information requested in Q.150 to Q.153 for any sub-contractors or consortium members that you are relying upon to perform this contract?" Does this mean that you require certificates from our sub-contractors regarding how well our organisation completes business with them, or does it relate to the end customer's feedback on how well our sub-contractors deliver their part of the service? 2.With regards your ambition for 30 day payment terms with our subcontractors, does this relate to those who are delivering to this service offering only, or to our whole supply chain throughout our entire organisation in both the private and public sectors? Many thanks
Question 154 relates to the end customers feedback on how well the subcontractor delivered. 2 -This question specifically refers to the inclusion of 30 day payment terms in the supply chain contracts related to contracts procured under PCR 2015, in the main these are likely to be contracts with public sector organisations however in some instances could be private sector acting on behalf of the public sector. In the SQ there should also be additional questions about payment performance and these questions should be answered in respect of the payment performance for all the applying organisations supply chain irrespective of whether they are associated with a contract procured under PCR 2015.
30/05/2022 11:15
43. We have received the SQ and enrolment pack along with templates associated to both the framework and order liabilities and contractual obligations. At this stage Joint Schedule 7 has been left blank, can you please advise whether this is applied as I note the "DPS Needs" document highlights the credit levels each party needs to compete in certain activities? Does this also mean that Joint Schedule 7 may not apply based on credit level?
Joint Schedule 7 (Financial Difficulties) applies under both the DPS Contract and any Order Contract, please see paragraph 2.2 of the schedule. The credit rating threshold applicable under the DPS Contract is as stated in the DPS Needs document.
11/05/2022 12:06
42. We're somewhat confused about what evidence that we should provide now, in support of our application to join the Geospatial framework. Do you have a list that you can share, which details the evidence that I should submit in order to get the application complete, please? I have the pdf of all questions that are asked for this submission, but I'm confused about what I submit as the portal seems to differ from the pdf. Are you able to supply a list of what I need to input, please? Also, I wanted to ask you about was how we should respond to your requirements that aligns to the supply of steel. This requirement appears in Selection Questionnaire Q147, Q148 and Q149. I make the assumption that this is a typo for this framework, however as it states that we should be compliant to PPN 16/15, I would appreciate your guidance on how we should answer this question. Thank you
"Unfortunately we do not have a list we can share in regards to the evidence that should be provided. In regards to Q147-149, if the questions are not applicable to your organisation, please state 'N/A'. "
27/04/2022 14:35
41. Is it possible to apply to be a supplier if we don't have a Companies House registration number? and if so, how? The questionnaire is asking for a registration number. We have offices in Europe and the USA but not currently the UK.
Yes it is. Please use a dummy companies house number e.g. 01010111 for your application.
08/04/2022 11:05
40. Hi, We are completing our application to join the Geospatial framework and noticed that in the Selection Questionnaire there are a couple of additional questions that we had not expected. These questions relate to CESG Cyber Essentials and are numbered 162 and 163. Can I enquire whether these questions relate to the IT/business services that we have deployed in our organisation or do they relate to future services that we might offer to our customers, please? Thank you
Cyber Essentials cover would relate to the IT/business services deployed in your organisation and future services as and when they become applicable.
06/04/2022 14:56
39. At what stage are the terms are actually fully populated? Is this during the assessment and acceptance phase such that each entity may review any changes to the standard forms included within the framework pack or are these left blank until such time as orders are awarded/allocated?
When you reach the 'agreeing' stage within your application, you will be asked to tick a box to electronically sign the DPS appointment form, this confirms that you are happy with the DPS terms. Additionally, at call off stage there may be consultations of customer considerations/special terms added.
06/04/2022 14:53
37. Could you please clarify the responsibilities for the Compliance Officer to help us determine which role within our organisation is the best fit. Guidance on whether this sits with a senior company director or someone closer to the relevant business unit would be appreciated.
The compliance offer will be the main point of contact for CCS to get in touch with in regards to insurance/cyber essentials certificate renewals, annual self audit certificates and other compliance areas.
06/04/2022 14:54
36. Hi, when you ask for details of customer contracts, can we assume that your ask is for a high level overview of the service provided, rather than details of a specific, signed agreement between ourselves and our customer(s)? If the latter we would have problems due to confidentially agreements already in place. Would this therefore lead to us failing to secure a place on the framework?
You may select any example that best displays your organisation's capability to provide relevant services. This question is aiming to ensure commercial capability rather than technical quality, as technical quality must be assessed by the buyer at call off stage, through a further competition. If you are not able to disclose the value of the contract please either place a nominal £1 or please state N/A. Please reference the reason for this (i.e that the information is commercially sensitive) in the contract description.
06/04/2022 14:55
35. Question 133 asks "Are you able to provide details of your first example contract?" I can see other CQs for 134 and 135 that say they don't need answering, but not 133. Given that it's asking for customer details, can this question also be answered as "no"?
We can confirm that, as per paragraph 72 of the DPS Needs document, you are not required to answer Q134 or Q135. You therefore are only required, as a minimum, to answer Q133 and Q179. Again, as a minimum you are required to upload documentary evidence for at least one relevant principal contract for goods and/or services provided in the last three years at Q179. If you have further certificates of completion these can be uploaded at Q180 and Q181.
02/03/2022 08:21
34. Please can you respond to our clarification #23 raised on 08/11/21?
Response has been given
03/12/2021 11:51
33. Regarding Q179 required documentary evidence for at least one relevant principal contract, can you provide a template you wish us to complete as evidence? Otherwise, please advise what information is required for the upload.
CCS confirm we do not have a template to upload.You are required to upload documentary evidence for at least one relevant principal contract for goods and/or services provided in the last three years at Q179. If you have further certificates of completion these can be uploaded at Q180 and Q181.
03/12/2021 11:50
32. Urgent response required. We are currently completing the Selection Questionnaire (SQ) there are a couple of additional questions that pop up that we were not expecting, one on NHS and the second set of questions on CESG Cyber Certifications. Question 162 and 163. There does not appear to be an option to tick that none apply. Please can you confirm how we answer this question as this is currently stopping us from submitting the SQ.
CCS can confirm your answers to Cyber Essentials 155, 156 are sufficient. Please answer the NHS questions as applicable to your organisation, these are not pass/fall questions as part of the selection criteria.
30/11/2021 09:45

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