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134. I have been asked to provide a contract example in completing the questionnaire for RM6126 DPS. My company is only newly formed, and therefore I do not have a contract example. I do however have examples of contracts which have been performed by myself (sole employee, director and owner of the company) whilst employed for another company. Would it be sufficient to detail the work performed and for a confirmation letter to detail and confirm the work was performed by myself?
Your contract example must clearly show who has carried out the work, so you would need to amend the Letter of Confirmation of Works so the contract example names the individual and not a company, and the client organisation confirms "We are able to verify that the works in this statement were solely carried out by ******, who is now currently the owner of ***** , and to which organisation this application to the DPS applies.
21/02/2024 14:09
133. Cyber Essentials: We have CE covering part of our organisation and operations, but it is not organisation-wide. Will this prevent us from joining the Research Insights DPS?
The Cyber Essentials certificate would need to cover the part of the organisation that they are using to apply for the DPS
19/12/2023 11:13
132. We have been asked to provide a contract example in completing the questionnaire for RM6126 DPS. We won't be the lead bidder and don't yet know what the call is - do we still need to complete this? (This relates to questions 55 and 56 - it says 'One example is not required from each member', but it also says 'If a contract example is not provided your organisation will be deemed as non compliant and will therefore be rejected from the RM6126 DPS'. Thanks
We must have one contract example from the organisation that wishes to be appointed to the DPS. Please see Attachment 1 and 1a in the bid pack.
29/11/2023 11:22
131. 1.We are asked to declare individuals who are PSCs, but there doesn't seem scope to declare entities that are PSCs. Can you confirm we don't need to do this? Can you confirm whether it is an essential requirement to declare the precise Date of Birth (i.e. not just the Month and Year as required by Companies House) of the Persons of Significant Control we declare - as this seems unusual to us.
This does not seem to be a question on the Research and Insights SQ and DPS
22/12/2023 11:48
130. If as a registered supplier we would like to update the services we can provide due to some being missed the first time we submitted the application, are we able to submit responses to ITT's and/or receive invites to new ITT's through the DPS whilst our application is being assessed?
You can continue to be invited and bid on ITTs whilst the changes are going through but this will be based on your old selections. New services can only be seen by customers once changes have been made and the t&cs re signed - the assessment after the amendments should take around 3 days to assess once submitted.
31/10/2023 11:20
128. What evidence needs to be submitted for 180: Upload documentary evidence for a certificate for each principal contract for goods and/or services provided in the last three years? We have submitted evidence of 3 previous contracts for 179 but do not know what is needed for 180.
Please see the document 'Read First RM6126 DPS Needs' in the bid pack - at paragraph 73 you will see the list of non-applicable questions. As stated in the bid pack, a response is not required to those questions.
19/10/2023 11:55
127. If a supplier applies and is accepted on to the R&I DPS agreement during an open / live competition, can they still bid for the opportunity?
No, suppliers cannot be added to a tender that has been released
29/09/2023 11:20
126. Re. LucidTalk Limited - Duns No.: 218240014. I have now completed 1 questionnaire and I'm now in the middle of the 2nd Questionnaire. I am completing the 'Contract Example' part and its asking me to upload a document, that seemingly you want our client to sign/verify. Is this correct?
This is correct, the document in question is Attachment 1a found in question 56 of the selection questionnaire. Please see Attachment 1 in the Bid Pack for guidance.
29/09/2023 11:20
125. Reference Q51 - Do you need to upload the carbon reduction plan to our website or can we upload it as part of the questionnaire completion
Ideally the carbon reduction plan should be a website link, however you can provide a copy of your draft plan while preparing that.
09/10/2023 10:49
124. Clarification 123 does not answer the question asked. 'Attachment 1: Response Guidance for Confirmation of Works' only covers question Q56 of the R&I questionnaire - the answer for Q56 is meant to follow the guidelines outlined in the attachment 1 document. We would like more guidance on how to answer Q57 ('Please describe the contract and how its performance demonstrates R&I services for clients').
This area is looking for the supplier to illustrate how the contract mentioned fits the scope of RM6126 Research & Insights, and how the outcomes of the contract shows that research or insights services were delivered.
25/08/2023 12:14
123. Could you provide more information on how to answer Q57? What is it meant by the performance of the contract and how it demonstrates R&I services?
Please refer to Attachment 1: Response Guidance for Confirmation of Works within the bid pack
22/08/2023 11:08
122. Section 7.10 of the SSQ: Suppliers Past Performance Do we strictly provide a list of relevant principal contracts of work we provided to clients (ie. all the contracts of previous work), or does it include contracts in terms of our procurement (ie. contracts with suppliers)?
This is only needed if you are an 'In-Scope Organisation' - you can determine that and tick 'no' or 'N/A' if you self-certify that you are not in scope. All info can be found at: https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/417211/PPN04-15_Supplier_Past_Performance_.pdf
12/07/2023 10:58
121. Can you please advise as to how a newly appointed supplier will be notified of mini competition tender opportunities? Will this be via direct contact (i.e. communication via the DPS portal/email)? Additionally, is it possible for suppliers to search for active opportunities, or do they need to be invited to participate (i.e. some tenders may be relevant, despite a lack of invitation to participate)? On the latter point and if appropriate, what web platforms should be used to search for DPS tender opportunities? Experiences suggests these don't always appear on Contracts Finder.
Suppliers will be invited to tender via eSourcing portal (generally the Bravo Solution portal however they can use other eSourcing portals) after the customer has performed a filtering exercise to find the suppliers that can offer their requirements.
12/07/2023 11:51
120. Question 68 on the Research and Insights questionnaire includes the statement "Due but not paid by the last date for payment under agreed contractual terms" - please can we request clarification on what this means
Please see the DPS Needs document for clarification pages 16 - 17, section 60 - 68
30/06/2023 11:22
119. Questions 114-115 on the research and insights questionnaire please can we request clarification from them around what "self-cleaning evidence" means.
There is a self cleaning section in the DPS Needs document (point 48 in the 'How to Participate Section') which clearly outlines what is meant by self-cleaning. If there are grounds for exclusion, there is an opportunity for Suppliers to explain the background and any measures they have taken to rectify the situation (we call this self-cleaning), this section of guidance outlines as a minimum what is required to be submitted
29/06/2023 11:20
118. Question 56-58 of the Research Insights questionnaire - can you give a definition of the contract i.e can a contract be a grant issued by a public body to carry out work where the public body define it as a grant as opposed to a contract although set objectives where agreed?
With regards to the Contact example we can accept this if the customer has signed the contract example acknowledging that the supplier has satisfactorily completed research works to the agreed and required standard. A template Letter of Confirmation of Works can be found in the Bid pack.
30/06/2023 11:16
117. Could you please provide the definition and role of Authorised Representative and Marketing Contact? The DPS Core Terms PDF and previous clarification questions do not provide a clear definition.
Authorised Rep is whoever in the supplier's organisation is authorised to sign the contracts, and Marketing Contact is if the supplier has a specific marketing department who deals with marketing things. It's not mandatory to have different people in these contacts, they can all be one and the same person. The important thing is that the main contact is the one that will receive all the opportunities so to ensure that one is up to date and correct.
06/07/2023 10:40
116. Could you please let us know if there is an Excel sheet with a list of clarification questions and answers? We don't seem to find it.
Please select the 'export' button at the bottom of this page for the excel sheet with all clarification questions and answers.
29/06/2023 12:06
115. I understand that a draft CRP is acceptable in the first instance, however, it would be helpful to understand the minimum requirements needed in order to progress onto the supplier portal.
Please scroll down and download the Carbon Reduction Plan template at the following address for details of the required information - https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/procurement-policy-note-0621-taking-account-of-carbon-reduction-plans-in-the-procurement-of-major-government-contracts
08/06/2023 11:21
114. Is DSPT certification sufficient as an alternative to a Cyber Essentials certificate?
As per the DPS Needs document in the bid pack suppliers must have current Cyber Essential [basic or plus] certification or alternatively ISO27001.
10/07/2023 11:09

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