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There are 2 clarifications for this DPS

Section 1.3 of the Buyer's Needs document reads: 'G-Cloud 11 no longer offers a route to market for non NCSC certified suppliers. The intention is that when live, all requirements for Cyber Services will go through this DPS Agreement.' Is this correct?
Please note that, as highlighted, the document narrative is incorrect. G-Cloud 11 still offers a route to market for non-NCSC assured services (NCSC assured services are not in scope for G-cloud 11). CCS will be amending the Buyer's Needs and Specification within the T&Cs document as v2.0 by close of play Monday 20th of January.
Jan-20-2020 10:48
Good Morning The deadline for receipt of our application is unclear, please can you confirm? Thank You
There is no deadline for completing your DPS submission, as the DPS remains open for the lifetime of it's duration. However, CCS would recommend completing your DPS submission as soon as possible to enable your service offerings to be available for buyers.
Jan-20-2020 10:43
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