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2430. Please can you clarify what certificate /evidence you are looking for for the following question on the DPS? 180. Upload documentary evidence for a certificate for each principal contract for goods and/or services provided in the last three years
This is a certificate of performance for a contract for goods or services. This is evidence which would be have selected by you as one you can provide earlier in the questionnaire (Q160).
12/01/2023 11:46
2425. For RM6172 suppliers submitted a rate card and then the 18% margin applied to these rates (as far we understand) - is that the same for RM6322? If not, what rates does the 18% margin stipulated in DPS Schedule 3 apply to?
RM6172 did not require a rate card, however we did apply ceiling rates and the Maximum margin percentage. Rate cards (if required) are supplied at ITT and this will still be the case under RM6322. All prices given at ITT whether rate card or other will have to adhere to a Maximum Margin Percentage of no more than 18%.
05/01/2023 11:14
2424. DPS Schedule 4 refers to a PI regarding "Responsiveness to Invitation to Tenders: Responding to ITTs issued via the DPS on 95% of Order Procedures (within location or region)." Does this mean suppliers have to submit tender for 95% of the opportunities they receive? Or respond to 95% of opportunities either by submitting a response or letting the potential client know that they are unable to tender on this occasion?
Suppliers set their available services to customer types and contract sizes within the DPSQ. This can be changed at any time. Therefore, suppliers will only be invited to discuss tenders which should be within their appetite, as they have selected this in the DPSQ. As such, they should respond to at least 95% of them. A response could be that, on this occasion, you are unable to tender; however they should be within the suppliers appetite and capability as they have been filtered to the suppliers chosen services.
05/01/2023 11:12
2423. Can you clarify how we complete the RM6322 DPSQ? We have clicked Access as a Buyer and it has given us the standard questionnaire to complete but not the specific RM6322 questions. Do we need to complete the standard SQ as relevant for the RM6322 application and then we'll be given access tot he RM6322 DPSQ?
You must scroll to the 'Fund Administration and Disbursement Services' DPS page on the DPS Marketplace website and then click 'access as a supplier'. You will first be asked to complete the standard SQ. Once this is completed, you will automatically be taken to the specific DPSQ for RM6322; but that will only happen if you have accessed this via clicking the 'access as a supplier' link under 'Fund Administration and Disbursement Services'.
05/01/2023 09:21
2422. Can you advise where we can access the RM6322 FAADS Supplier Guidance document. We have re-downloaded the Bid Pack but there doesn't appear to be a document with that name
The guidance for suppliers is the 'READ FIRST - DPS Needs' document, found in the bid pack - Attachment 7 - Part 1 (General).
05/01/2023 09:19
2419. We have started our application and initially populated it using a previous SQ. However, we can not see anywhere to upload the products and service matrix or to enter the margin percentages
Suppliers dont need to upload this for this DPS. The products and services matrix document is in the bid pack as reference to suppliers and buyers. Suppliers select the services they offer within the DPSQ section. For pricing, this is assessed at further competition. Prices are provided to the buyer at this stage for them to evaluate.
04/01/2023 14:02
2420. Can the maximum margin percentage be different for the different services?
No. The maximum margin % is the same across all services. Suppliers are welcome to quote up to that maximum at the further competition stage for the services tendered.
04/01/2023 14:00
2421. As per questions 6. 1. please can you direct us to DPS Schedule 4. We can't seem to locate this
DPS Schedule 4 is in the bid pack. It can be found under Attachment 7 - Part 2 (terms and conditions).
04/01/2023 13:59
2393. Re Q155 Cyber Essentials. In the previous framework (RM6172) clarification question 35 was asked enquiring whether ISO2001 certification was appropriate alternative given its requirements exceed cyber essentials and the response on 23/9/2020 was "yes". Does this still apply to RM6322?
Yes, CCS would be willing to accept ISO 27001 as a suitable alternative to the Cyber Essentials Basic certificate.
22/12/2022 10:44
2392. We are bidding for the framework on our own and not as part of a group of economic operators or with a sub contractor. However, if we win call down contracts under the framework, we will definitely be using a supply chain. Therefore, should we answer "yes" at Q62 in the DPSQ and continue to answer Q63-74 or not?
Yes, these questions should be answered.
21/12/2022 11:44
2390. The DPS SQ asks for 3 contract examples at Q133-136 and a template is provided. However, the Read First DPS need document specifies that: RSelection Questionnaire - Not Applicable questions: 31.1 There are questions in the Selection Questionnaire that are not applicable for this RM6322 FAADS procurement, therefore please note, a response is NOT required to the questions as detailed below: ● [Part 1: (Contract Example 1) - Q133 ● Part 1: (Contract Example 2) - Q134 ● Part 1: (Contract Example 3) - Q135 for the avoidance of doubt, could you confirm that these examples are not required?
The questions listed as 'not applicable' (section 31.1 in the READ FIRST RM6322 - DPS Needs document) do not need to be answered for this DPS.
20/12/2022 16:25
2388. DPS Schedule 3: Please could you confirm what is meant by the term "Maximum Margin Percentage" as this is not covered in the "definitions" document
Maximum margin percentage means the percentage a Supplier will apply on top of the total cost of provision of the Services to enable effective delivery, continuous improvement and, where applicable according to the status of the Suppliers, profit. This will be added to the DPS Joint Schedule 1 - Definitions.
20/12/2022 16:10
2389. Core Terms 2.6 :Where the Supplier is approached by any Other Contracting Authority requesting Deliverables or substantially similar goods or services, the Supplier must tell them about this DPS Contract before accepting their order. In this context, who are "Contracting Authorities" - could a full list be supplied? This is not covered in the "definitions" document
For this agreement, the potential customer base is all public sector organisations. They would be the 'contracting authorities'. An outline of the customer sectors is available in DPS Schedule 1 - Specification, section 1.2.3. The definition is covered in 'DPS Joint Schedule 1 - Definitions' under 'other contracting authorities'.
20/12/2022 16:09
2387. 1. DPS Schedule 4 refers to a PI regarding "Responsiveness to Invitation to Tenders: Responding to ITTs issued via the DPS on 95% of Order Procedures (within location or region)." does this mean we are expected to submit tenders for 95% of opportunities through the DPS as long as they are suitable for our location and region (and scope).?
Yes. Suppliers set their available services to customer types and contract sizes within the DPSQ. This can be changed at any time. Therefore, suppliers will only be invited to discuss tenders which should be within their appetite, as they have selected this in the DPSQ. As such, they should respond to at least 95% of them.
20/12/2022 16:06
2372. DPSQ 55 asks for three years' worth of accounts to be uploaded - in Appendix 2 of the FVRA instructions it indicates this is to be done via a 'zip folder'. However the system says it will only accept 'JPG,JPEG,GIF,PNG,PDF,DOC or DOCx' and will not accept zipped files. Can the accounts from each year be uploaded separately therefore?
The requirement for this to sent over in a zip file has been removed. Please submit the accounts in whichever format is doable, but PDF would be the preferred.
16/12/2022 11:46
2371. Our group parent company has two shareholders which are both limited companies, rather than individuals. Both are listed as PSCs on our Companies House entry, as they each hold more than 25% of the shares issued. Should we list these as PSCs and how do we treat the date of birth requirement on the SQ?
As they are limited companies who are the shareholders it is perfectly fine to list them as Persons of Significant Control as this is what is reflected on Companies House. Please just put N/A for date of birth.
14/12/2022 12:17
2374. DPSQ70 asks for the % of invoices paid AND volume of invoices (as below). Does this mean we need to enter in a % amount AND the actual number of invoices this amounts to - as there is no space to add this second figure? "This should include the percentage of invoices paid within each of the following categories. Please include the total volume of invoices in each category which should total 95% or above."
It means the percentage of the total volume of invoices which fall under 30 days, 60 days etc. It only requires the percentage in each category.
12/12/2022 14:24
2373. We've previously been advised for the SQ not to provide details of our sub-contractor due to a technical issue with the system and to say 'no' to having sub-contractors. In the DPSQ do we still complete the answer to questions 62,66,67,68,69,70 relating to supply chains/sub-contractors as if we have a supply chain or not? We have a single sub-contractor.
yes, please answer the questions.
12/12/2022 14:22
2369. The READ ME document states that we should not attach the FVRA and 3 years' worth of accounts when asked at DPSQ 54 and 55. Can you clarify where we upload these documents?
The READ states that the FVRA and accounts should be attached at DSPQ 54 and 55. So please submit there. Further guidance on the FVRA Submission can be found in the bid pack: Attachment 7 - Bid Pack Part 1 (General), Attachment 3 - Financial Viability risk Assessment Instructions
12/12/2022 09:56
2370. DPSQ 58 and 59 are not applicable to our submission - do we simply answer 'no' to these questions?
Yes. 58 and 59 are only applicable if you are part of a group of economic operators. Please just select no.
12/12/2022 09:54

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