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How can I encourage my suppliers to complete an assessment?


You are able to encourage your suppliers to complete an assessment by setting up automated reminder emails during your campaign creation. Encouragement can also be made through the NQC Support Centre proactively calling your invited suppliers to provide them with guidance and further information.



Our self-service campaign functionality allows you to engage with your suppliers inviting them to complete a specific assessment by a deadline you have set. Suppliers are emailed periodically to encourage them to complete their assessment and the frequency of email reminders is controlled in your campaign settings.

NQC’s support centre are also available to pro-actively engage your suppliers by calling them to confirm they have received the invitation. Please discuss this with your contact at NQC.

In order to engage your suppliers, you will need to be registered as a buyer.

Once you are registered, you will be able to create a campaign and upload the details of the suppliers which you would like to engage.



There are several steps you will need to take start a successful campaign:

  1. Prepare an invitation letter to be sent to your suppliers before the campaign starts. Clear communications at the beginning of the campaign will ensure a high completion rate.
  2. Create your invitation and reminder emails which will be sent out from the system. Please see this FAQ if you require further information: What should I include when creating email templates for my campaign?
  3. Create a campaign - please see this FAQ if you require further information: Creating and amending a campaign
  4. Upload the suppliers details – it is important that you have an email address for the correct point of contact. For further information, please see: How do I invite a supplier to complete a questionnaire?
  5. Public Sector organisations will have the ability to create and view notes in the suppliers assessments to communicate with other departments. Please see this FAQ if you require further information: Can I make a note against a supplier?
  6. Once your campaign has ended, you are able to extend, leave it to end or create a new campaign. If you require further information, please see: What happens once a campaign has ended?


If you have any further questions regarding the Supplier Registration Service platform, please use our Live Web chat where our support team will be happy to assist you with further information and guidance.

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