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Can I make a note against a supplier?


Notes can be made within a supplier assessment once the supplier has completed their assessment using the invitation code.



Notes should be added against each suppliers responses so that other Government departments are aware that this supplier has been engaged. Only registered buyers will be able to access this information on the site.

Please note any data you include in the notes will be accessible to other public buyers as long as the supplier has given them permission access their assessment. You should not include any sensitive information in the notes. Suppliers do not have access to this information.



1. Sign in to the platform and select the option for ‘Your dashboard’

2. Select the ’Suppliers’ tab and click on 'Manage categories'

3. Open the relevant campaign category and select the option to ‘View’ against the assessment you wish to assess or leave a note against

4. Select the ‘Notes’ option on the right hand side of the page

5. Click ‘Add’ to create a new note against a supplier and use this to communicate to other departments whether you are a lead buyer

6. You will be asked to provide the following details: contact name, email address, contact number and note contents. You can also upload related files if applicable


If you have any further questions regarding the Supplier Registration Service platform, please use our Live Web chat where our support team will be happy to assist you with further information and guidance.

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