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I wish to update my DPS details and cannot find where to do this


From your dashboard, set the ‘Questionnaires’ filter to ‘All questionnaires’, and the ‘Status’ tab to ‘Any’ to be

able to locate your DPS questionnaire.


You can further define the above filters to locate a specific DPS questionnaire. Please note that for your DPS

submission, you will have a related standard Selection Questionnaire and a DPS specific questionnaire - which

can both be located via the setting of the above filters.


Once you are either Appointed to a DPS, or your application is within the ‘Agreeing’ stage - you are able to

update the ‘Registered 2’ section of your DPS questionnaire (but not any information contained with the

‘Registered 1’ section). You are also unable to update information contained within your standard Selection

Questionnaire, that formed part of your DPS application. If you need to update any information within either

your standard Selection Questionnaire, or the ‘Registered 1’ part of your DPS application, please contact the

Crown Commercial Service at: info@crowncommercial.gov.uk



The DPS Marketplace provides access to all procurements run by Crown Commercial Service using a Dynamic

Purchasing System. Buyers can access framework agreements that meet common purchasing requirements

across government.


1. Go to ‘Sign in’ on the ‘Home’ page

2. Select ‘Your dashboard’ and select the ‘Profiles’ tab

3. Set the ‘Questionnaires’ filter to ‘All questionnaires’ and set the ‘Status’ filter to ‘Any’

4. Locate the relevant DPS specific questionnaire that you wish to update

5. Select the option to ‘Update DPSQ’ in the bottom right hand corner of the questionnaire tile



If you have any further questions regarding the Supplier Registration Service platform, please use our Live Web chat where our support team will be happy to assist you with further information and guidance.

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