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How can I find the status of my Selection Questionnaire?


Each questionnaire status provides users with an update as to where their questionnaire is in the workflow to completion.



Responding means that the questionnaire is still awaiting certain information before it can move in to the next stage.

Assessing means that the answers have been submitted by the supplier and is awaiting to be assessed by the buyer that the questionnaire is shared with. The questionnaire must be shared with a buyer in order for them to assess.

Submitting means that the buyer has now assessed the questionnaire and is now wanting the supplier to submit evidence that they stated that they could provide in their questionnaire.

Completed means that the evidence has been submitted by the buyer and has been received. This moves the completed stage.



To find your Selection Questionnaire status:

1. Go to 'Sign in' on the 'Home' page

2. Select the option for 'Your dashboard'

3. Select the 'Profiles tab'

4. Set the questionnaires tab to 'All questionnaires' and the status tab to 'Any'

5. Locate the relevant questionnaire and view the coloured status  in the top right corner


If you have any further questions regarding the Supplier Registration Service platform, please use our Live Web chat where our support team will be happy to assist you with further information and guidance.

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