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Who can see my personal data?


You or any user on your organisation account with User Manager permission can see your personal data.



Your personal details (name, business email address etc.) will typically be linked to a completed assessment and therefore we may pass your information to other organisations as part of this sharing process. We share this information for the purposes of fulfilling our contractual obligations. We will only share the contents of a completed assessment where you have given us permission to do so. This permission is know as “sharing” on our website and can be managed through the Sharing functions within your online account. For more information about the privacy of your personal data see the Privacy go to the Privacy policy statement on the home page of the platform.



1. To see what personal data we hold on you, go to your user name at the top right of your Dashboard

2. See the information that we hold on you under the Account section


If at any time you need support contact our Support Team using the Contact us form

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