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How to engage your suppliers to take part in the Modern Slavery Assessment

Answer To engage your suppliers to take part in the Modern Slavery Assessment, you will need to be registered as a buyer on the platform.   Background

Can my colleague see and work on completing the questionnaire with me?

Answer Yes, but only if your colleague has the viewer user permission they can see a questionnaire that is assigned to you. To invite a colleague to collaborate on a questionnaire response with you, go to the ‘Invite user to collaborate’ option within the questionnaire.   Background A quest…

My organisation does not have a turnover of £36 million, do I have to complete this questionnaire?

Answer The Government encourages organisations, including those that do not fall in scope of the Act, to complete this assessment so that organisations have a framework to aid them in their journey to understanding and addressing modern slavery risks. Once you complete the asses…

Can I make a note against a supplier?

Answer Notes can be made within a supplier assessment once the supplier has completed their assessment using the invitation code.   Background

Where is my previous Modern Slavery Assessment?

Answer Your previous Modern Slavery Assessment will be under the ‘Contracts’ tab on ‘Your dashboard’.   Background

Can I update my answers after completion?

Answer Your answers can be updated at any time to help maintain and present a current and accurate report.   Background

Who should be completing the assessment?

Answer The individual completing this questionnaire should have a strong understanding of how your organisation manages modern slavery risks in your supply chain.   Background…

Will the data I provide be made public?

Answer The answers you provide will be kept confidential and will only be shared with your customer that you have given permission to access. Once you complete the questionnaire, you will be able to amend the sha…

What information is required for this assessment?

Answer Information on six specific areas are required for this assessment.   Background Within t…

What if I have multiple contracts with multiple goods/services?

Answer You must submit a separate MSAT for each of your specific contracts, but you are able to easily re-use previous answers within the newly created assessment.   Background

What if an organisation has several contracts with separate responses?

Answer If an organisation has several contracts with separate responses, they must submit separate responses for each contract. The re-use answers functionality makes this process quicker and more time effective for suppliers. Background Within the Modern Slavery Assessment, suppliers are able t…

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